The Palestinian Feminine Movement in the West Bank 1948-1993

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Nezam Izat Al-Abbasi
Mofid Taher Mohed Jalghoum
The topic of this study is The Palestinian Feminine Movement in the West Bank (1948-1993). By studying the feminine foundations which were established at the time of this study, I illustrated the historical developments of the organized feminine movements in the west bank, social, political and economical activities and the organizational, political and financial difficulties that the movement faces. I advanced in the first chapter by a political study about the Palestinian Society before 1948 where I illustrated the women’s position, her economical and scientific role and her political contributions during the British mandatory over Palestine. Also I pointed to the feminine foundations and to the conferences which were held during that period. Indeed I pointed to the effect of these foundations on the feminine and national movements. It was revealed to me the marginal role that the women played and I noticed the start of forming a feminine, organized and team work. In the second chapter 1 illustrated the political developments in the West Bank and their effect on the economical nd political and social sectors giving more concentration on the unity of the West Bank and Jordan. Also I focused on the refugees’ immigration and its effect on the women’s position in the work and education sectors and its effect on her political contributions. I identified the foundations were established to deal with the new circumstances and then I identified the renewed established foundations by displaying all the activities and work were done by charities at that time. Indeed I identified the conditions in which the Palestinian Women Federation was established. This Federation has a precedence over all other feminine foundations. At last I illustrated the attitude of Jordanian Authorities towards the Federation and their order to close it. I have studied in the third chapter the feminine movement during the Israeli occupation of the West Bank then I divided this chapter into two sections. The first one is about the period till the starting of Intifadah in 1987 where I displayed the feminine working foundations such as the General Palestinian Women Federation, Charities, framework and Feminine Committees which were established for the first time by the Palestinian Organizations support. Therefore I identified all of them and displayed the different activities for helping women in different sectors. I identified the Israeli occupation procedures against the woman as a group, individual and foundations. Then I explained the occupational methods of using individual and collective punishments as killing, arresting, torture, banishment and wounding etc. The second section is about Al-Intifadah between (1987-1993). I illustrated the developments were resulted on the feminine movement by identifying the established and establishing foundations also I talked about effect of their activities especially the political and the mental developments on the feminine movement at the second half of Al Intifadah after 1990 where the change was from political framework to social framework and the starting point was from feminine movement to womanly movement concerns with women’s affairs. Moreover I illustrated the Israeli procedures against the women during the Intifadah especially the of unjustifiable killing, intended oppression by using the gas kills fetus in wombs, in addition to the repeated closing of the feminine foundations as a collective punishment of charged and beneficiaries equally. Finally attached some of attachments I prepared by myself as a new addition to this field also I have added some new documents never published before and support my inferences. In addition to some documents as completion to the subject can be used later by the researchers and concerned people.
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