The Zionist Settlement in the Jordan valley 1967 – 2005

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Nizam Izat Abbasi
Tariq Yousif M.qasem
The Jordan Valley is considered one of the special areas in Palestine. As the area is below sea level it warm in winter and hot in Summer which makes, it suitable for growing crops which are different from those grown in other parts of Palestine . Besides these crops earlier than other areas. When Israel occupied the West bank, it began to transfer the Palestinians in the Valley as a step to plant colonists instead of the Arab people to join the Valley to the Jewish state. In fact the Jordan Valley isn’t the only area where settlement were set up , but it preceded other area . In fact the first settlement was created a few months after occupation. The Israeli parties disagreed about the occupation of the Arab land but they agreed about occupation in the Jordan Valley. All of that was because of the impotence of the Valley for the Zionist project. The Zionist occupation in the Jordan Valley went through many stages, and in 2005 Israel it occupied 50% of the Jordan Valley, moreover it closed the Valley area and the eastern hills. Israel established tow series settlements in the Jordan Valley. One along the Jordan Valley, and the other along the eastern hills so as to protect each other from any attacks from the east. Settlement sites along the river Jordan up to 29, while on the eastern hills there were around ten. The previous sites were expanded and took up the nearby areas, the number of settlement also increased rapidly there. Israel's occupation destroyed large area and most of the aspects of life of the Palestinians. They also confiscated land as well as water resources. The Palestinians movement was restricted while that of the settlers was free. For the benefit of the settlers, occupation constructed alternative roads and put check points that changed the Palestinian land separate units. However, the Palestinians stood firm in the face of occupation in the Jordan Valley. Even though the support to the Palestinians provided by public and government institution was not enough, it contributed much to defending the Palestinian territories.
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