Islamic Law - Usol Al-Din

Year Title Authors
2017 Al- Tahara / Quranic study Zain Wail Ammar
2017 Benevolence in the Holy Qur'an/)Objective study Awni adnan kmail
2017 The Conflict with Jews in Light of the Surat Al- Baqara/Objecive Study Mohammad Saleem Omar
2017 The External Ordeals of Prophet Mohammad "Peace be Upon him" and their Effects on Building the Character of Preacher in the Light of the Holy Quran Yousef Mohammad Zaqout
2016 Addition by The Trustworthy Narrahor According to AI-Bukhari: An applied Theoretical Study of Al-Bukhari,s Jamii Alsahih Afeef Masarwa
2016 Care of the Glorious Koran of Womenas Revealed in Surat Al-Nisa' Yusra Saed Abdullah Afsisi
2016 Enemy" in the Holy Quran:A Study in the Quranic Terminology Jomaa’ Mustafa Afan Odeh
2016 Human to Human threats in the Qura’n Orsan Ghaze Ahmad Hajajera
2016 Hypocrisy and Hypocrites /A Study of the Qur'an and Sunnah Anas Mahmoud Mustafa Ishtewe
2016 Intercession /Qur'anic Study Aysha Hussine Ali Buhry
2016 The Cited Narration of Surat The Cited Narration of Surat Al Fatiha in at Razi’s Interpretation (Averification and Study) Rasha Tariq Shafiq Solaiman
2016 The Kings in the Holy Quran Mostafa Mohammad Yusuf Khateab
2015 Al-Jahl and Al-Jahiliyyah: A Quranic Study Bilal Abdelrahman Mohammad Sleem
2015 Anger in the Prophet’s Sunna Mahmoud Ibrahim Salem Abu Hussain
2015 Asking for a Permission in the Qura,n and As-Suna A Comprehensive Study Islam Kamal Saeed Suliman
2015 Basris's Recitation of Ma'mar bin Rashid's Recitation in the Six Sunna Great Books Rolsana Ali Rashid
2015 Conception, Reason, Treatment: Quranic studies Jihad Ibrahim Suleiman Ajweh Prepared
2015 Hastiness: A Quranic Study Ayat Osama Nazmi Qamheya
2015 Listening: Qur'anic Study Aseal shadad rushdi zeadan
2015 Oppression " Quranic Study" Nader Mustafa Mohammad Sawafta
2015 Plowing and Planting In the Holy Quran Jamal Youssef Abdul Rahman Hassan Quzmar
2015 The Crime /Conception, Reason, Treatment: Quranic studies Jihad Ibrahim Suleiman Ajweh
2015 The Differences in Holy: A Subjective Study Su’ad “Muhammad Motee’ “ AbuZant
2015 The Joy in Holy Qur'an Thematic Study Ayat Jihad Odeh Shayeb
2015 The Scientific Inimitability in Sorah Al Baqarah Abdurrahman Saleem Malhees