Engineering - Urban and Regional Planning

Year Title Authors
2016 Analysis of Spatial Inequality Patterns in theWest Bank Governorates: Case Study of Tulkarem Governorate and its Localities Naim Fayez Hassan Ishtaiwi
2016 Enhancing the Implementation of Strategic Development Plans in Palestine Using Spatial Tools Amani Ahmad Abd Alrahman Majdouba
2016 Residential Agricultural Cooperatives for a Sustainable Rural Development in the Area of Jericho and Jordan Valley Sawsan Saleh Abdullah Salah
2016 Seismic Microzonation and Site Effect Response of Al Auja District Hatem Fahed Alwahsh
2015 Planning GIS for Palestinian Municipalities: Bidya Municipality as a Case Study Sana Yousef Qasim
2015 Planning GIS for Palestinian Municipalities: Bidya Municipality as a Case Study Sana Yousef Qasim
2015 Planning policies of industrial zones under the urban development of Nablus city Mohammad Amjad" A. Sayeh
2014 Legislative and Institutional Aspects as Basis for Sustainable Planning to Reduce Risk Disaster in the Palestinian Territories Shatha Majid Badawi
2014 Planning for Disaster Response Assessment of Contingency The Governmental Institutions Response Plan in Ammar Mahmoud Ahmed Salama
2014 Rapid Seismic Evaluation of Multi-Story Buildings in the City of Nablus and Plans for Disaster Response Nour El-Deen Yousef Kayed Me’ari
2014 Spatial Planning and Distribution of Civil Defense and Emergency Centers in the West Bank Nisrin Yousef Abbas Al-Nadi
2013 Planning For Smart Grid For Palestine Ghadeer Ahmad Abd Al-Kareem Abduh
2012 Development Strategy for Joint Services Councils in North west bank Kahir Hafith Abdallah Mahmoud
2011 Distribution and Planning of Green Spaces in Nablus City "An Analytical Study of the Eastern District of the City Azzam Issam Ezzat Al-Masri
2010 City Development Strategy of Tubas City and its Reflection on the Physical Planning of the City Maha Mujahed Yousef Odeh
2010 Sustainable Development Strategies of Agricultural Land in the West Bank: Tubas Governorate as a Case Study Lamis "Mohammed Mamdouh," Abdel-Raouf Afaneh
2010 The Social and Political Dimensions of Urban Planning of Poor Neighborhoods Jihad Saleh Abdul-Lateef Salameh
2009 Analyzing and Evaluating Visual Pollution In Tulkarem City (Center of Tulkarem City – Case Study) Mohammad Talal Jamil Khaled
2009 Development and Improvement of Visual and Aesthetic Elements in the Central District of Tulkarm City Abdel Fattah Ahmed Ali Al-Qum
2009 Development Strategy of Local Authorities in Jericho and Jordan Rift Valley Rashed abdelAziz Ahmad Hamd
2009 Distribution and Planning of Tourist Services and Facilities Jamal Abdel Lteef Ahmad Abdel Haq
2009 Planning for Solar Energy as an Energy Option for Palestine Mai Fawaz Fayaz Abu-Hafeetha
2009 Planning in the Youth Associations in Palestine and Role of Development Process (Case Study for Sharek Youth Forum) Khaled Ali Saleh Asad
2009 Spatial Planning Of Health Services In Tulkarm City And Its Suburbs Using The Tool Of Geographic Information Systems GIS Saleem Ahmed Saleem Estith
2009 Strategies for Integrated Rural Development in the Palestinian Territories- Case study of Sha'rawiya Area "Tulkarm Governorate" Manal Mohammed Nimer Qashou