Development Strategy for Joint Services Councils in North west bank

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Abdelhamid/supervisor
Dr. Abdul Nasser Makky/co-supervisour
Dr. Mohammed Abu-Zayed/external examiner
Dr. Ahmad Ra'fat/internal examiner
Dr. Ali Abdelhamid
Dr. Abdul Nasser Makky
Kahir Hafith Abdallah Mahmoud
This study aimed to investigate strategies to develop joint services councils and their role in the development process by focusing on the governorates of North West Bank through the diagnosis and analysis of the reality of these councils. To achieve the objective of the study، the researcher designed and used a questionnairem, which was developed by reference and build on some previous studies relevant to the subject of the thesis. The study relied on the survey descriptive and analytical research methods to assess the joint services councils depending on the information and data available from various sources, in addition to analyzing the results of the questionnaire that distributed to a number of joint services councils and the concerned persons in North West Bank. The results of the study indicated that the reality of the joint services council is ambitious، despite the difficulties they face، and that there is the desire of the councils to achieve better services and developed management. The study also showed that the presence of joint councils enhanced opportunities to attract funding for the creation of local development. The councils were also able to appropriate between their priorities and the local community and donor requirements. Moreover, the results indicated the presence of fluctuation in the levels of funding depending on the current security and political situation، and that there is a need for a stable source of income from the budget of the Palestinian National Authority to contribute to the local development across the joint councils. Consistent with its results، the study recommended a number of recommendations including the need to create a common database on the work of the joint services councils, leading to better planning of the services provided to citizens, and the need for immediate action to provide development projects for young people and those with special needs as there are of great importance to the investment capacity of young people, and directing it appropriately and development of talent and potential in it. It also recommended the need for councils to provide self-financing and local sources through development projects that belong to the joint councils are manufactured by the joint projects، including productive and industrial projects. Finally، the study highlighted the importance of research in the mechanisms of merging the Palestinian local authorities to reduce their increased number and activate the local development.
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