Development Strategy of Local Authorities in Jericho and Jordan Rift Valley

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.ali abdel Hamid
Dr.abdel Nasser Makky
Rashed abdelAziz Ahmad Hamd
This study aimed to identify the reality of the local authorities in the area of Jericho and the Jordan Rift Valley (JJRV) through reviewing the stages of the development of local authorities in Palestine in previous periods, analysis and evaluation of the current reality of these authorities. The study assesses the current reality of the local authorities in the area of JJRV under the current circumstances, determines the obstacles and difficulties they face, develops proposals for a future strategy for the upgrading of local authorities and enhance their role and contribution in the development process of the study area. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher reviewed concepts and models of management systems and local administration, as well as access to the previous stages of the evolution of the local administration in JJRV. The study used a descriptive approach, to assess the Palestinian reality based on available information and data from various sources, in addition to the results of the interview guide which was conducted with all the local bodies in the area of study, a total of 20 distributed between the village councils, joint councils and directors of the Ministry of Local Government (MOLG) in three provinces which constitute the study area. The results of the study indicated the existence of a central administrative system of local authorities and multiple levels of management, and the presence of a large number of local authorities, as well as the inability of these authorities in the performance of their role and tasks to meet the needs of citizens. On the other hand, the study showed the inappropriateness of the Local Palestinian Authorities Law of 1997 to the present reality in the region. Also the study indicated the lack of the necessary flexibility to cope with various challenges and developments. The study recommended that the study region (JJRV) has to be reformulated both administratively and geographically since the region is administratively and financially independent. Also, it suggested that a regional council of the study area including all local authorities should be formed. The tasks of the new council are planning, policy implementation and developing projects in the region. In addition, the study recommended that the existing laws should be reviewed and new laws and regulations be formulated, and also legislate the recommendations included in this study regarding the formation of a regional council of the territory of the Valley. Finally, it is recommended reducing the central administrative of central through reshaping of the role of the Ministry of Local Government to be only supervisory and regulatory over local authorities, supporting the administrative decentralization through the transfer of part of the authorities to the local authorities, not delegated to them.
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