Engineering - Urban and Regional Planning

Year Title Authors
2007 Urban Agriculture As Tool For City Planning-Nablus City as a Case Study Husam M. K. AL Hudhud
2007 Urban Poverty Phenomena and its Impact on thePhysical Growth in Nablus City Mutasem Nimer Hasan Ishtaiah
2007 Urban Seismic Risk: "Impacts on Land Use Planning In Nablus City, Palestine" Hadeel Osama Rafiq Faidi
2006 Analysis and Evaluation of Land-use Patterns in the Town of Jericho Hussein Mohamed Sa'd Alnojoom
2006 Current Situation and Strategies for the Development of Local Administration in the Palestinian Territories Sana' Qasem Mohammad Haseeba
2006 Israeli Colonies Impact on Physical Expansion of Palestinian Settlement Hebron Governorate Mahmoud Abdullah Mohamad Isleimieh
2006 Planning for Development of Al-Sha’arawieh Region in the Northern Part of Tulkarem Governorate Mutasem Yunis Abdel-Razzaq Anani
2006 Telecommunications Network in Palestine Present and Future Planning Saleh Ahmed Saleh Ahmed
2006 Urbanization Characteristics and their Relation with Urban Expansion and Economic Growth An Analytical Study of Nablus City Ala' Saleem Asa'ad Salah
2005 Planning and Strategies of Reconstruction and Development of Historic Center in Nablus City Masarra Shaher Baker Al-Hanbali
2005 Setting Up of Naming Streets and Numbering Buildings System in the Palestinian Settlements Kameel Izzat Yousef Al-Qutub
2005 Strategies and Policies of Sustainable and Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning in Nablus City Majd Omar Hafez Idreikh
2005 Trends of Physical Development in the Western Suburbs of Nablus and the Spatial Relationships Ali Lutfi Rida Khalil
2005 Trends of Regional Planning and Building Development for the Villages in the South West of Nablus Governorate Taha Abdul-Qader Hamad Abdul-Hadi
2004 Determinants of Establishing the Industrial Estates in Nablus Governorate and their Impacts on the Environment, Society and Industrial Education Wa'el Wajeeh Reda AL–Buzz
2004 Developing and Planning Strategies of Health Services in Jenin City in the Light of the City's Physical Development Sonia Daher Omar Massad
2004 Development Plans and the Existing Situation of Land Use in Dura City, Hepron Governorate Saleh Ahmad Saleh Abu Hassan
2004 Directions of Urban Growth in Dura Region Mohammed Fwiad Moustfa Dwdeen
2004 Distribution and Planning of Public Services in Qalqilya City Using the Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Nidal Rif'at Ahmed Anaya
2004 Existing Situation and Trends of Physical Development in Selat Al-Haretheya Town, Jenin Governorate an Analytical Study Hasan Aref Hasan Yaseen
2004 Physical Development of Settlements Located South of Jenin Governorate and the Proposal of Establishing a Joint-Services Center Nihad Mohammad Ahmad Rabaia
2004 Planning and Physical Approaches in the Refugee Camps in the West Bank a Case Study of Fara Camp Abdel Mounim Mohsen Khader Mehdawi
2004 Planning and Rehabilitation of the Historical Medium (The Old Town) in Dhahrieh Ismail Hassan Ibrahim Rabba
2004 Regional Planning Directions for the Area Southeastern of Nablus and the Proposal of Establishing a Common Services Center Riyad Jamal Azzat Abu Shehab
2004 Spatial Planning for Health Services in East Jerusalem District by Use Geographical Information System (GIS) Samer Hatem