Engineering - Urban and Regional Planning

Year Title Authors
2009 Trends of Urban Development in Tubas City: Study in the Morphology of the City Eyad Jameel Ahmed Saleh
2009 Urban Public Spaces in the City of Nablus and their Development Physically and Visually "An analytical Study of the Eastern Complex Area" Firas Nathmi Merweh Dwaikat
2008 Community Participation and its Role in the Development of the Local Community - Case Study of Neighborhood Committees in the City of Nablus Manal Abdel Mou'ti Saleh Kaddoumi
2008 Conceptual and Practical Indicators Of Good Governance at Local Palestinian Authorities Ayman Taha hasan Ahmad
2008 Current Situation and Potentials for Sustainable Development of the Local Communities in Tubas Area Ghaleb Mahmoud Hussein Al-Salem
2008 Factors of Threats to Archaeological Sites in the West Bank (An analytical Study on the Separation Wall) Ikram Wahbi Mobada Abu Alhyja
2008 Norms for A locating Heath, Education, Culture and Recreation Services in Nablus Governorate Awni Abd Elhadi Othman Mashaqi
2008 Planning The Utilization Of Financial Resources To The Municipal Councils In West Bank In Light Of The Changes On The Palestinian Arena Setting Amal Adli Al-kharoof
2008 Preparation Plans In Order To Determine The needs Of Buildings For The Schools Of Qabatia's Directorate Of Education Through The Coming Four Years Salam Rafiq Hamdan Atatra
2008 Strategies of the Sustainable of that Traditional Commercial Street It's Study Case "Khan Al Tujar" Suhir Isam Ibrahim Swilem
2008 The Effect of the Israeli Settlements on the Building Expansion of the Populous Groupings in Salfit Governorate Rania Radwan El-Khateeb
2008 The Reality of Hospitals in Nablus City Between Development and Planning Afnan Muhammad Ahmad Hamdan
2008 Trends in Development Planning of Nablus City in the Light of the Proposed Strategy for the City Development Ibrahim Masoud Ismail Hammouz
2007 Accessibility Measures to Public Services in Palestinian Cities: The Case of Nablus City Ghrood Ghaleb Subhee Awadeh
2007 Analysis and Evaluation of Current Situation of the Food Industries in Nablus City Mahdi Othman Mahmoud Al-Aghber
2007 Envieromental, Social Integration of Handicapped in the local community, Case study in Nablus district Rana Mohamad Subhi Awadeh
2007 Merging the Residents of Refugee Camps in the West Bank Economically, Socially and Culturally with the Neighbouring Urban Environment Suad Hassan Mohammed Ishtawee
2007 Planning and Development of Traditional Tourism in Nablus Governorate Lubna Mahmoud Muahmmad Ajaj
2007 Planning of Public Services in Cities A Case Study of Makhfiyeh Neighborhood in Nablus City Mohammed Ghassan Abdullrahman Abdallah Jurf
2007 Spatial Analysis of Public Services (Schools and Kindergartens) in Nablus City Using the Tool of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Taher Jom’ah Taher Yousef
2007 Sustainable Development Strategies for the Conservation of Agricultural Land in the Light of Urban Expansion of Palestinian Cities: An analytical Study for Tulkarm City Maram Firas Thiab Sawalha
2007 The Distribution and Planning of Public Services in Tammoun Town (Tubas Governorate) Using the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kifah Saleh Mohammed Abdallah
2007 The Physical Development in the Palestinian Regions Inside the Separation Wall, The Case of the North West Areas of Jenin City Baker Naim Mahmoud Qabaha
2007 The Role of Women Institutions in Development Planning in the Palestinian Territories Somaya Sameh Abdul Fattah Amer
2007 The Significance and Role of Urban Security in Preventing Crime in the Palestinian Cities: An Analytical Study of Nablus City Mohammed Tawfiq Mohammed