Distribution and Planning of Tourist Services and Facilities

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Ali Abdel Hamid
Jamal Abdel Lteef Ahmad Abdel Haq
The aim of this study is to prepare comprehensive evaluations of the city's facilities and services, the planning and distributions of these services between current and past times. The study included an evaluation of the present tourist situations and the difficulties facing the city due to the variety of obstructive factors and offered the possible solutions to overcome problems. For this purpose a review of the old strategies that has been implemented that has affected the tourist industry. The study implemented both the surveying and descriptive methods and used the analytical approach in evaluating the current Palestinians affairs. In addition to the reference guides and the meeting that was conducted with the institutions concerned in this field, the study also gathered its information's using more than 30 related institutions both public and private in order to cover all related factors for the purpose of obtaining the most accurate results. The study confirmed the existence of the right fundamentals for the city to attract tourist as well as the existence of measurable level of security, it has been noted that the tourist and customers prices are relatively low with comparison to other cities in the region. However the study also noted that the city suffer from a lake of a proper infrastructure which in turn affect the public hygiene at the city a missing link between the city's public and private sectors in working to overcome these problems. On the other hand the study found that the single driving factors in promoting the tourist industry at the city were the profits and the financial gains. The lake of advertising and the unavailability of profanes working in this field has affected the industry and above all the occupation and the measures taken by the Israeli authorities has affected the industry most of all. The study concluded that it is vital in order to overcome its problems, the city must consider the suggestions and recommendations that have been founded in addition to that a more comprehensive national approach must be must be adapted in solving these issues. Finally, the study recommended that more attention should be given to this industry and employs enough professionals in this field who have the expertise in international relations' in order to advertise the city in the best possible way in order to achieve the aspirations becoming a world class tourist city.
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