Enhancing the Implementation of Strategic Development Plans in Palestine Using Spatial Tools

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Abdelhamid / Supervisor
Dr. Ehab Hijazi /Co-Supervisor
Dr. Fida Yaseen /internal examiner
Dr. Ahmad El-Atrash /External Examiner
Dr. Ali Abdelhamid / Supervisor
Dr. Ehab Hijazi /Co-Supervisor
Amani Ahmad Abd Alrahman Majdouba
This study addresses a new methodology in the Strategic Development and Investment Planning (SDIP) manual, taking into account the spatial dimension of the actions, projects and developments. The aim of this study is to suggest some modifications in the SDIP’s manual, through its stages, by developing new practical spatial procedures. Moreover the study investigates the importance of spatial dimension in the current SDIP followed in Palestine. The methodology of this study depends on the descriptive analytical approaches using different tools including: interviews, meetings and focus groups with officials, decision-makers and stakeholders. These tools were used to understand the spatial reality in the SDIP manual in Palestine and then to develop a new tools to recognize the missing spatial concept. The results contribute to make improvements in the current SDIP manual through many of its stages. At last, the study recommends to involve the public in the process more effectively, and to test the developed tools with real case studies for further development. More importantly, the study recommend to adopt this work and use the new methodology in the SDIP manual to have a more integrated spatial-a spatial process as the spatial linkage can be considered as best practical way to do the work and fastest one for reform.
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