Educational Science - Methods of Teaching Science

Year Title Authors
2016 The Effect of Using Mind Maps and Conceptual Maps on the Achievement and the Development of Creative Thinking for The Sixth Grade Students in Science in Palestine Abeer Mahmoud Najeeb Abu Diak
2016 The Effect of Using Story and Scientific Activities in the Scientific Achievement and Attitudes Among Students of the Basic Fifth Grade in the Province of Jenin Shaymaa Mohammad Hassan Salah
2016 The extent of the general science books' contribution in the engagement of basic level students in learning from the point of view of teachers in Jenin Governorate Ahmed Nasser Fari
2016 The Reality of Using Project-Based Learningin Government Schools from Science Teachers Perspectives in District of Jenin Osama Mohammad Anees Zyoud
2016 The role of Science Teachers Self-efficiency in Scientific Thinking of Tenth Grade Students in Tulkarem District Abed Alrahman Hekmat Serhan
2015 The Effect of Teaching Science Using Role- play Strategy in Developing Cirtical Skills for Basic High School Student in the City of Tulkarm Ala'a Adel Nassrallh
2015 The Effect of Using Virtual lab on the Development of laboratory skills and attitudes towards using them in learning Physics of physics Students in the college of sciense at An-Najah National University Layal Sameer Abu-Zant
2015 The Impact of Using Authentic Assessment on Ninth Grade Students Achievement and their Attitudes Towards Science in Nablus Governorate Schools Khaled Rashad Saad Bany Odeh
2015 The Influence of Using the Infographic Strategy on Grade Five Students Achievement, Attitude Toward Science and Motivation for Learning It Shaimaa Abu Asbi
2015 The Role Of Health and Environment Curriculum in Developing Environmental Awareness Of Ninth Grade Basic Students in Governmental Schools Of Qalqilia Governorate According To Teachers and Students Point Of View Randa Ali Saed Barakat
2014 Comparing the Content of the Palestinian and Isreali 6th Grad Science Text Books in the Light of International Standerds from the Perspective of the Teachers and their Extent Knowledge of these standerds Heba Asem Al-batta
2014 The Effect of Employing Computerized Educational Activitieon the Achievements of the Twelfth Graders (the Scientific s Stream) in Al- Salahiya Boys Secondary School/ Nablus, inAcids & Bases Unit and their Attitudes towards Learning Ashwaq Imad Rawhi Horani
2014 The Effect of Using A teaching Program Based on Constructivism at Achievement and Development of Creative Thinking Student's at The Elementary Fifth Grade in Science in Tulkarm. Rola Kamal Mohammed Abu sa'da
2014 The Effect of Using Analogies in the Construction of Scientific Concepts and the Development of Thinking Abilities with the Students of the Fourth Fundamental Form in the Province of Nablus Roula Amjad Saeed Kiwan
2014 The Effect of Using Science Fiction Stories on the Development of Concepts of Sixth Grade Students with Different Learning Style in Palestine Shaima Basel Mohammed Odeh
2014 The Effect of Using SWOM Model on Metacognitive and Scientific Attitudes and on the Academic Achievement in Science for Seventh Grade Students in Nablus Qadar Samih Mahmoud Abu Hantash
2014 The Effect of using the Virtual Laboratory of Scince Experiments on the Development of Science Processes and Acquisition of Concepts for Fifth Grade Students in Palestine Yasmeen Sodqi Omar “Dar Ibrahim
2014 The Effect of using the Virtual Laboratory of Scince Experiments on the Development of Science Processes and Acquisition of Concepts for Fifth Grade Students in Palestine Yasmeen Sodqi Omar “Dar Ibrahim”
2014 The Effect of Using V-Shape Strategy on Scientific Achievement of the Fifth Grade Students of Different Learning Style Sameera Abd Al-Ra'of Saleh Ateeq
2014 The Impact of using Marzano Model on Academic and Motivation Achievement for the Sixth Grade in Science and their Attitudes Towards it Abdel-Salam Muqbel Mashal
2013 Analysis and Evaluation for Fifth Grade Science Content Book According to Standards and from perspective of Upper basic School Teachers in Palestine Zahra Mohammed Abd-Allah Nour
2013 Occurring Program of Practical Training Education in the Palestinian High Education institutions from the student-Teacher Perspectives Hanan Ahmed Fawzi A’yaad
2013 The Effectiveness of the Model “Predict ,observe, explain“ in correcting the alternative conception constructed by the 7 the graders and its effect on their achievement Areej Abu –Hujla
2013 The Impact of using Bybee Model on the Achievement of the Sixth Grade Students in Science and their Attitudes Towards that in Governmental Schools Tulkarm Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman Nemer
2013 The Perspectives of Science New Teachers in the Basic Level about their Professional Needs in Nablus Schools in Palestine Raghad Fayeq Mahmoud Abu Kishek