Educational Science - Methods of Teaching Science

Year Title Authors
2012 The Impact of Using Cognitive Apprenticeship Strategy in Science Education on the Tenth Grade Students Achievement and Improving Their Scientific Thinking in Nablus Suha Mahmood Sabri Thouqan
2012 The Impact of Using Schman's Model on the Academic Achievement, Scientific Thinking and Trends Among Students of the Basic SeventhGrade Nada Yousef Abd Al-Rahman Habib
2011 Difficulties Of Learning French Language In Public And Private Schools In The West Bank From The Teachers' Perspectives Manar Abd Al Mon'em Al- Aker
2011 Impact of Merrill theory on Concept Teaching of Science Achievement of Fourth Graders at Public Schools in Salfeet Governorate Jehan Mohammad Ahmad Saleh
2011 The Impact of Using the mind Map Strategy on The Ninth Grade Students Achievement in Science and Their Attitudes Toward Science In the Governmental Schools in Qalqilya Hanin Sameer Saleh Hawrani
2010 (The Impact of Using Mind Maps in Ninth Graders' Scientific Concepts Understanding in Qalqilia District and their Attitudes toward Science and the Classroom Learning Environment Hanin Samir Saleh Hourani
2010 The Effect of Using the Cognitive Apprenticeship Strategy in Teaching onDeveloping Problem Solving Ability and Developing Scientific thinking for Tenth Grade Students in Nablus District Soha Mahmoud Sabri Thouqan
2010 The Impact of Using an Education Strategy Based on Suchman's Model in Tenth Grade Students' Scientific Concept Understanding and their Scientific Attitudes and their Scientific Thinking)
2008 The Effect of Employing Virtual Learning Environment in Teaching Science on of the Sixth Graders’ Achievement at UNRWA Schools in Nablus District Jameela Shareef khaled
2006 The effect of Teaching science acceleration Model on achievement and Motivation for achievement self concept and test anxiety on Students of the Seventh Grade in Qalqilia Governorate Amal A. Shareef Abu Hejleh
2004 Assessment Of The Science Book For The Sixth Basic Grade "Palestinian Curriculum". According To "Sixth Grade Science Teachers Point Of View" In The "Teaching And Education Directorates Of Northern Palestine District" Khalied M. Mohammad Mustafa
2004 The Impact of Using Concept Circle Diagrams Strategy on Achievement , Achievement Motive , and Immediate and Long –Term Test Anxiety of Ninth Grade Students in Chemistry and Earth Science in Governmental Schools Belonging to Qabatia Naelah Salman Awad Abu - Dallakh
2004 The Impact of using critical learning on Achievement Motive of Ninth Grade students in physics Science and their Immediate and Long-term Achievement in Governmental Schools Belonging to the Directorate of Education Tulkarm Government Iman Kamal Kamel Dauod
2003 The Impact Of Using Explainatory Approach On Immediate And Long- Term Achievement And On Self - Concept Of Ninth Grade Students In Chemistry In Gover Gada Rawhi Saber Kalbouneh
2002 The Impact Of Using Vee-Mapping Strategy On Achievement Of Ninth Grade In Biology And Their Achievement Motive At U.N.R.W.A Schools In Nablus Hayat Subhi Nimer Al Masri
2001 Extent of Biology Teacher's Practice of Necessary Educational Competencies in Teaching Biology in North Palestine Mu'amer H. Hussein Shteweh
2001 Science Teachers' Comprehension of Chemical Concepts Given in Basic Curriculum Grade (5-8) Bashir A. Ibrahim
2001 The Effect Of Using Computer Assisted Instruction On The Achievement Of The Tenth Basic Grade In Physics And Their Attitudes Towards Using Of The Computer Yaser Mustafa Yousif Haidamous
2001 The Effect of Using Computer-Aided Instructional Method on Tenth Graders' Immediate and Postponed Achievement in Chemistry (in Salfit Governorate) Abd Allah Damen Badi
2000 Evaluation Methods and Practices of Performance in the 9th and 10th Graders' Biology From Biology Teachers' Point of View in Tulkarm and Qalqilya Governorates Bilal Saber Mahmoud Mdalal
2000 Palestinian University Science Students' Attitudes Towards Technology Mahmoud A.S. A-Shamali
2000 The Effect Of Using Cooperative Learning For The Current And Postponed Achievement Of Fifth Grade Students In General Science And Their Attitudes Towards It In Tulkarm District Lubna abed El-Kareem Ahmad Barakat
2000 The Impact of Using Conceptual Change Strategies on Achievement Motive of Ninth Grade Students in Biology Science and There Immediate and Long-term Achievement in Governmental Schools Belonging to the Directorate of Education Tulkerm Governorate Ayman Daoud Abdel-malek Raddad
2000 The Impact Of Using Mental Training Strategy In Micro-Teaching Pattern In Immediate And Long Term Achievement And Attitudes And General Self-Concept Of Ninth Grade Students In The Subject Of Chemistry And Geology At The Government Schools Belonging To The Directorate Of Education In Nablus Governorate Wafa' Husein Abdul-Rahim Abu Aqel
2000 The Impact Of Using Reflective Learning Trend On The Academic Achievement Of Tenth Basic Grade Students In Chemistry At The Government Schools Belonging To The Directorate Of Education In Nablus Governorate And Their Attitudes Towards It Balsam Abdul-Fattah Zaid Dawabsheh