Comparing the Content of the Palestinian and Isreali 6th Grad Science Text Books in the Light of International Standerds from the Perspective of the Teachers and their Extent Knowledge of these standerds

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Alam El Din Al-Khatib/supervisor
Dr. Rajah Sweedan/external examiner
Dr. Abdel Khani Seafei/internal examiner
Prof. Alam El Din Al-Khatib/supervisor
Heba Asem Al-batta
This study has aimed at comparing the content of the Israeli and Palestinian science textbook for the sixth grade in the school year (2013-2014), by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and the Israeli Ministry of Education, where was compared as follows: 1. compare the availability of global standards of the content of science to the project of the National Science Education Standards (NSES) to areas of Physics, Biology, Geology and Space based on content analysis in both books and compare them accordingly. 2. compare the Israeli and Palestinian science teachers of sixth grade awareness of these criteria by interviewing a sample of the those teachers. 3. compare the scientific content of both books to see how much they are appropriate, in addition to the educational activities, quality of graphics, images, and illustrations. And to find out if there are significant differences between the two books from the point of view of science teachers of sixth grade through responding to a questionnaire. To achieve the aim of the study the researcher used the descriptive analytical approach. Three data collection tools were used. The sample consists of 173 teachers (129 male and female teachers for grade 6 in the schools of (Qalqiliya, Tulkarm) and (44) teachers in schools in (Tira, Taiba and Qalansawa inside the green line ) The study found the following results: In terms of content, the Palestinian text book over passes the Israeli text book of about 17% and 18% in Physics and Geology and Space respectively. Whereas, the Israeli text book over passes the Palestinian text book of about 23% in Biology. From the teachers point of view, the Israeli text book has taken an advantage over the Palestinian text book in terms of suitable content, educational activities, the quality of graphics, pictures and illustrations. The main variable here is the Supervising Authority. The significance is (0,05=α). Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended that International Standards should be taken into consideration when authoring textbooks and conducting teacher training courses, in addition to expanding research on this area to include other classes or other stages even on the light of other criteria. Main terms: 1- Science text book 2- Sixth Grade 3- content analysis 4- NSES 5- content 6- teaching activities.
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