The role of Science Teachers Self-efficiency in Scientific Thinking of Tenth Grade Students in Tulkarem District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abdel Ghani Al-Saifi/suprevisor
Dr. Zeyad Kabajah/external examiner
Dr. Shehadeh Abdo/internal examinr
Dr. Abdel Ghani Al-Saifi/suprevisor
Abed Alrahman Hekmat Serhan
the teachers of science and its effect on the scientific thinking among the students of the 10th grade in the district of Tulkarem. This study also aims to identify the difference between the level self efficiency for the teachers of science according to the variabilities of the study embodied in the following: the teacher’s experience, the scientific qualification, and in particular, The study community consists of two communities the community of the teachers who teach science for the students of the tenth grade whose total number is (146) male and female teachers. As for the second community, it was the community of students whose total number is (3662) male and female students. The researcher has chosen a sample of teachers randomly of about (30) male and female teachers, as for the students ‘ sample it was chosen according to the teachers who teach them science in the 10 th grade which was about 697 male and female students. To achieve the goals of this study, the researcher used two criteria as follows: the criterion of the science and the criterion of the intellectual thinking for the 10th grade students which was specially prepared for this study. The results of the study demonstrated that teachers of science have a very high self-efficiency with a rate of 81%, it also demonstrated a low level of scientific thinking in the tenth grade students, where the percentage of success in the test (58.7%), The study recommended the necessity of developing the curricula of the subject of science in order to include a clear display for the basis of the scientific research and its applications among students in order to enable them to use the skills of the scientific thinking properly and effectively.
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