The Effect of Teaching Science Using Role- play Strategy in Developing Cirtical Skills for Basic High School Student in the City of Tulkarm

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Alam Alddin Al khatib/supervisor
Dr. Hasan Abdel-Kareem/external examiner
Dr.Shadeh Abdo/internal examiner
Prof. Alam Alddin Al khatib/supervisor
Ala'a Adel Nassrallh
This study aimed at knowing the effect of teaching science using role-play strategy, on developing critical thinking skills among upper basic schools in tulkarm, The study also investigated the effect of the sex, experience and the specialization of the teacher in developing students critical thinking by using role-play. The subject of this study consists of two groups, the first group included students of upper basic level in UNERWA schools , and whose number is (1105),in the first semester 2014/2015,The second group(subject teachers) consis of all science teacher of both sexes an whose number is 53).) The student study sample consist of (120) males and females distributed into two groups; the experimental and the control, And the teachers sample consists of ( 25). The study tools consisted of a critical thinking test ,questionnaire and a teachers guide, The study included the five skill: knowing hypothesis, interpretation, evaluation of discussions, induction and deduction, The questionnaire whish consists of (30) parts was given to a jury of professional the verify its reliability using cronbach formula and it was 0.78) for the test and ( 0.85) for the questionnaire .) The tests results indicated that there are statically significant differences between the experimental group and the control due to the use of role-play strategy in favor of experimental group, and there are also significant differences in critical thinking in favor of females. In addition there are significant differences due to experience not to sex or specialization. The researcher recommended that science teacher use role-play for its proved instrumental in students, critical thinking skills. s/he also recommended that teachers especially science teachers must have training sessions about using role play. Keywords: strategy, role-play, critical thinking, teaching science, basic high school student.
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