The Effect of Employing Computerized Educational Activitieon the Achievements of the Twelfth Graders (the Scientific s Stream) in Al- Salahiya Boys Secondary School/ Nablus, inAcids & Bases Unit and their Attitudes towards Learning

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Dr. Ali Zuhdi Shaqour/supervisor
Dr. Khaled Sa'eed Rabay'ah/external examinr
Prof. Ghassan Hello/internal examienr
Dr. Ali Zuhdi Shaqour/supervisor
Ashwaq Imad Rawhi Horani
This study aimed at investigating the effect of employing computerized educational activities on the achievement of the twelfth graders (Scientific Stream) in Chemistry and their attitudes towards learning it. In order to achieve the aim of this study, the researcher prepared activities for the unit of “Acids and Bases” from the twelfth grade’s Chemistry textbook. The researcher designed an achievement test consisted of 23 multiple choice questions. It was proven to be credible that its stability coefficient was (0.7). A scale of attitudes of learning Chemistry was prepared including twenty verified questions with (0.82) it stability coefficient. Furthermore, the researcher prepared a ten-question interview, these questions were verified by arbiters. The study sample consisted of 65 students from 12th grade (scientific stream) from Al.Salahiya Boys Secondary School (hereinafter referred to as ABSS) in Nablus during the second semester of the scholastic year 2013-2014. The sample was divided randomly into two groups, namely: controlled and experimental. The former group consisted of 32 students, which studied traditionally while the latter consisted of 33 students, studied by using a computerized educational program. The researcher employed the appropriate statistical methods to analyze the results such as averages and standard deviations. In addition, she employed Analysis of Covariance method (hereinafter referred to as ANCOVA) to recognize the variation levels in improving the achievements and attitudes of students towards learning Chemistry. The results showed that there are variations at the significance level of (0.05 = α) in the achievements of the students and their attitudes due to the teaching method in the experimental group. In addition, the researcher recommended encouraging Chemistry teachers to use the computerized educational activities and offer the most up to date methods.
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