The Constitutional Developments Of Democratic Notions and its Defense Elements in the Turkish Po-litical Regime 2002-2011

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ahmad mobarak/supervisor
Dr. Raed Naerat/co-supervisor
Dr. Abdel-Malek Remawee/external examiner
Dr. Hassan Safareni/internal examiner
Prof. Ahmad mobarak/supervisor
Dr. Raed Naerat/co-supervisor
Abdallateef Khader Abdallateef Sedda
This study came to address the constitutional and democratic develop-ments in the Turkish political system after the emergence of the Turkish Republic in 1923, and how it was successive Turkish constitutions, especially the 1961 Constitution and the 1982 Constitution legally constitute an anchor to limit democracy and restrictions on public freedoms , The pursuit continued to ban political parties that are contrary to the principles of secularism through the Constitutional Court at times, and through the army and military coups, and the big powers granted to the national security council at other times, but the big development has occurred on the Turkish political system since 2002,the same year came as the Justice and development Party to power, where the party managed to bring about the development of democratic and constitutional large; seemed evident from the constitutional and legal amendments that had a significant impact on public freedoms and political life which rebounded during this short period. In my adopted this descriptive historical analytical approach, addressing previous constitutions Turkish and characteristics, the most prominent material that came to ensure the control of the military on various aspects of Turkish political life, and emerged through the study of the role of the ruling Justice and Development Party in the promotion of the concept of democracy, and increase the margin of freedom through successive constitutional amendments, and through put new and modern Turkish Constitution keep pace with the times, combining tradition and modern civilization, conservative and Turkish culture. And led reform steps undertaken by the Justice and Development Party to decline the role that was played by the Constitutional Court and the military suppression of freedoms and the absence of values of progress, prosperity and democracy after the control spirit of military coups on Turkish society, to witness Turkey during the period of the Justice and Development prospered economically, culturally and educationally as long as the Turks were looking .
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