The Concept of Political crime

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Dr. Fadi Shadid/supervisor
Dr. Basel Mansour /co-supervisor
Dr. Abdallah Najajreh/external examiner
Dr. Na'el Taha/internal examiner
Dr. Fadi Shadid/supervisor
Dr. Basel Mansour /co-supervisor
Ola shareef
The focus of my research was the essence of the political crime. I elucidated through it the various special identification of this crime, and the reason for the absence of a unified internationally recognized identification despite of its importance . This refers to the presence of tremendous Jurisprudential theories, whereas each one has its special standards. Also, I tried in my thesis to illustrate the difference between the normal crime and the political one giving a brief glance to some kinds of political crimes. To organize this study, I defined in the introductory chapter the historical development of the political crime in the primitive societies specially during the Egyptian , The Greeks, The Romans periods . Accordingly, I studied the situation in France before and after the revolution, then the conditions of the political crime in Islam, and I clarified the concept of this crime and the attitude of the Jordanian Legislation and comparative Legislations from it. I summed up my thesis into two chapters, in the first one I allocated it to study the elements of the political crime, and I included three parts in it .In the first one I presented the material element of the political crime , defining the sequential stages starting from the cogitation and planning stage, going along with commencing the crime , to reach to the most important stage which is the realistic act of the crime. Then I studied the collaboration In offense. In the second part , I studied the material element of the political crime in its two branches; the Public and the Private . The Third part, I tackled the criteria of distinguishing political crimes from the normal one, and the standards for differentiating the purely political crimes from the relevant one. This operation can be done through analyzing the jurisprudential theories that control each crime separately. Also, I presented the most important crimes that raised jurisprudential debate about the possibility of considering it political or not. I assigned the second chapter to study the contents of the political crime through three studies. I illustrated in it the concept of assault on the political rights of state, and the extent of considering the security crimes within the political one through studying the conspiracy and the crime of aggression and a crime of high treason, and in the second part, I studied the press crimes and crimes as falling within the electoral molesters on the political rights of individuals. In the third and final part, I explicated the modality of dealing with the political offense and the prerogatives given according to law . I also clarified the meaning of the right of political asylum, and “ Not to compromise”. In addition to studying the sanctions taken against the criminal , the execution and Precautionary measures, and the possibility of issuing an amnesty for political criminal in various cases. Then I attached to my study selected models of the provisions of the Jordanian State Security Court in the past, with regard to crimes of conspiracy and counterfeiting of cash and terrorism. And the end , I set a conclusion recorded the most important results and observations that I realized and I presented it to address the issue in all its aspects
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