Protection of Journalists Under the International Humaitarian Law in Palestine

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Dr. Basel Mansour/supervisor
Dr. Mohamad Sharakah /co-suprvisor
Dr.Mohamad Shalaldeh/external examiner
Dr. Na'el Taha/internal examiner
Dr. Basel Mansour/supervisor
Dr. Mohamad Sharakah /co-suprvisor
Mosa " Mohamad Jameel"Ali Yadak
The international community tries to minimize the ware disasters in order to provide protection for disarmed sectors such as civilians, women, children, refugees, civil defense individuals, human relief, medical services individuals, journalists and so. Also, it tries to determine the fighters' rights and duties during the clashes and limit the procedures of harm against the enemy . In order to achieve this purpose , it has established several rules such as Hague Agreements ( 1899-1907 ), Geneva's (1949) and the two attached protocols (1977) which aimed to make war more humanity between the fighting parties or for whom are not involved in armed disputes. Also, these aims include civilian targets . The career of journalism is considered dangerous because its individuals always pay the price of truth when the war parties target the journalists and their places in some occasions. On others, they are subjected to capture، assault , banning from practicing their procedures, confiscation of their equipments in order to hide the fighters' crimes and close the truth from being appear for the international public opinion. Israel as a terrorist state by occupying the Palestinian territories , Practices violating the international human law . Several reports have indicated its premeditated targeting of the journalists in order to silent their voices , reports ,pictures and efforts aiming to provide truths for the international public opinion. The importance of this subject matter – international protection of the journalists – necessitates shed- lighting on it . The study consists of introduction, two chapters and conclusion . The introduction clarifies the conception , identification, historical background, the special nature of international human law . Also, it includes the relationship between the international human law and human rights law . Chapter one discusses the procedures of protecting journalists according the international human law and its principles. identification of the journalists as individuals, classes and their protection . Moreover, it includes the nature of protection provided for them during the armed clashes according to the international conventions and agreements and their protection and rights they have in custody. Chapter two includes the violation of the special protection for the journalists in the Palestinian occupied territories by Israel who has practiced violation against them . Also, the detection of the legal situation of the occupied territories and its subjection to the international human law have been discussed in this chapter. Furthermore , several topics have been discussed including the responsibilities of the Israeli occupying authorities، presidents, leaders and individuals about transgression and the mechanisms of respecting the bases of the international human law. The theoretical study by adopting the descriptive and analytical methods by collecting studies , documents and related thesis and analyzing them by scientific and applied international human law items concluded that the responsibility of the occupying state of Israel for carrying out the law procedures, particularly, the protection of journalists . The frequency of severe violation demands the international efforts to work force the Israeli occupying state for respect the international human law, accusing and charging its military leaders for this violations
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