The Legal Character and Identity of Decisions Issued By An-Najah National University

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohammad Sharaqa/supervisor
Dr. Ahmad Dabak/external examiner
Dr. Na'el Taha/internal examiner
Dr. Mohammad Sharaqa/supervisor
Islam Ziad Mithqal Shadid
An-Najah National University one of the major universities in the Palestine, it has the first position of all universities in Palestine according to the global ranking universities worldwide. An-Najah National University is where the most of students and academic, staff-workers of universities in the Palestine, moreover, I was a student of this university and I still. Recently, there was a debate about the legal identity of this university and the nature of decisions that taken by board, this debate spread out not only between whom affected of those decisions but also to the palestinian hight court of justice. This why this study came out . Accordingly, in order to cover all aspects of this topic the researcher has chosen the descriptive, analytical and inductive approach. The comparative method was in the first chapter of study solely . In this chapter of study which it deals with the main features of the legal system of the universities in Palestine, the researcher tried to illustrate and point out these features through describing and explaining the classifications adopted relating to Palestinian legislations, on the other hand, the regulations in Egypt and Jordan is involved as well. This chapter explained the most important provisions related to the establishment of governmental, public and private universities. After that, he pointed out the way of managing these universities. In conclusion, he expound the legal ways of disentanglement of these universities. When we come to the second chapter, the researcher clarified the legal status of An-Najah National University among the universities in Palestine through determining the position of this university whether it is governmental,private or public. Which led us to identify the essence of acts and decisions issued. Is it administrative decisions or not, consequently, set fourth the court that competent of challenges to those decisions and parallel to which is taken by another universities from the same category in case these appeals submitted by employers or students alike. Finally, the researcher concludes many important results and recommendations in the practical field of judiciary in respect of higher education in general and the public universities notably .
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