The Special Protection for Some Categories of International Humanitarian Law(Children-Women-Journalists)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Basel Mansour /supervisor
Dr. Na'el Taha /co-supervisor
Dr/ Maohamed Shalaldeh/extenal examiner
Dr. Mohamed Sharaqah/internal examiner
Dr. Basel Mansour
Dr. Na'el Taha
Omar Fayez Al-Bzoor
Abstract The human being is the core of the life and its necessity is his peace, security , rights and dignity in any time. So, the international agreements have emerged to ensure the public and private protection for the human being against any aggression. Although the enormous hopes that have been raised by the Geneva four Agreements , the additional two protocols and all the international treaties and announcements , wars are still, their civilian victims who are not involved in any aggressive actions are increasing and the agreements items are still dead without any actual practice as a result of some countries ignore the war rules and ethics. The international efforts which have been practiced by the international community in order to develop the rules and the regulations organizing the armed conflicts throughout the international pacts and announcements are uncompleted because of the lack of the punishment and penalties against who break them. Despite the fact that there are international agreements which protect some public sectors , the agreements items do not give the full protection for these sectors. Also, the countries do not adhere to them ,but ,instead, they account on the force without any regard to the international humane law. What have been committed by the Israeli occupation state in the Palestinian territories like killing, demolishing and executing out of laws . Also, using the civilian as human armors, targeting women , children and journalists , and others without any consideration the to the Geneva Agreements applied on the Palestinian situation are crimes which are punished by the international law. The rules of the international humane law are ordering rules and characterized by publicity and abstraction because they are stemming from the international norm and international treaties ,particularly, Geneva Law (1949) and Hague Law (1899-1907).
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