Islamic Law - Fiqh Wa Tashree

Year Title Authors
2017 The Stance of Sharia on the Artificial Insemination of the Wives of Palestinian Prisoners of War in Israel Afaf Fawzi "Muhammad Ali" Rbayah
2017 Torture between Islamic Law and the Geneva Convention and the Hague and the Against Torture, a Comparative Study Bashar Abed-Al Raouf Abed-Al Rahman Abdullah
2016 legal Strictures in the Management and Development of Orphans Monies in Palestine Anas Yousef jazzar
2016 Provisions of Religion and Documented Through Aya Religion Compared to Civil Law Sameera Mattar Abdelraziq
2016 Sexual harassment in Islamic Sharia A comparative study with the Jordanian postural law Ala’ Suleiman Dawood Haibi
2016 The financial rights of a Muslim woman whose husband has passed away according to the Islamic fiqh from one side and Personal Status law from the other Samar Sail Ahmad Aid
2016 The Legitimacy of Imposing acts of worship by the ruler from the perspective of Islamic Policy Aseel Ismail Jawdat Ashhab
2016 The Provisions of Horses in Islamic Sharia Nimer Omar Ahmad Sfoury
2016 The Relationship between Judiciary & EFtaa' in Islam"West Bank / Palestine - as a Case Stady" Taleb Khaled Ali Sabri
2016 The rule : ‘The Originality in Contracts is Legalization’An Original Doctrine study Marwan Ibrahim Talab Ibhees
2016 The Rule of the Imam AlGhazale and the Imam Al-Ezz Ibn Abd AlSalam in the Renewal of the definition of interest in Ashafee Doctrine Yousef Salamha Ibrahim Abu Modegham
2016 The Rules Of Congregational And Unprecedented Prayer In The Islamic Doctrine Maram Zayed Mohammed Aqel
2016 The Ruling of Photocopying of Corpse of the Dead and Wounded in Islamic Jurisprudence Ehab Waleed Diab
2016 The Significance of the Messenger ‘Peace be Upon Him’ Sayings, Acts, and Determinations Sweilem Ayed Abu Ghalyon
2016 Women Pilgrimage Adjudication In The Islamic Fiqh Hadeel Othman Abu Khader
2016 Zakat of Salaries and Wages in Islamic Jurisprudence Sewar Mosaa Ismael Jazar
2015 Abdessalam Yassine and his impact on the Intention of Islamic Law in the modern era Waseem Awni Salah Abu hasan
2015 Contemporary Harmful Commodities to Human Health: An Islamic Jurisprudential Study Shadi Imad Ali Qaddumi
2015 Course of the case proceeding legitimacy: (A comparative study with the civil suit) Isra’ Wasif Fayez Mosleh
2015 Islamic banks in Palestine and the extent of its commitment to to Islamic Murabaha (credit sale under sharia) criteria. "Palestine Islamic Bank and Arab Islamic: Case Study" Ahmad Qassem Awad Enairat
2015 Maternity provisions in Islamic jurisprudence Parentage, pregnancy, lactation and nursery" Reem Essam Mohammad Qasim
2015 Provisions of the Friday Prayers in Islamic Juris Prudence (Fiqh) Hosam Fheed Ben Saeed
2015 Shura and Contemporary Mechanisms for its Implementation "Doctrinal Study" Sondos Jamal Rafiq Sheikhali
2015 Social Media and its Impact on Family Members in Terms of Doctrinal Doaa Mohammed Omar Katana
2015 Suit Correct Inheritance Deed Tahani Baker Amin Baker