Economics and Admin Science - Economic Policy Management

Year Title Authors
2016 The Impact of Social – Political Context Within the OPT in 1967 on Constructing A Palestinian Model of Transitional Justice Nour Nihad Muhammed Mujahed
2016 The impact of the official media to promote the Palestinian national identity Palestine TV model Rafiq Yyonis Saleh Almassri
2016 The Reality of the Intellectual Property and its Impact on the Investment of the information Technology Sector in Palestine Musab A Abu Salah
2015 Evaluating Political Planning and Development Program at An-Najah National University from the Standpoint of Graduates Anas Abd Al-Salam Ahmad Sehwail
2015 Palestine Diplomatic Role in Influencing the Attitudes and Policies of the EU Towards the Process of Political Development in Palestine (2005-2013) Anas Taiseer Abd Salahat
2015 Palestinian Local Government Election of (2004/2005), 2012: Results and Indecations, A Comparative Study Ali Qasem Mohammad Mansour
2015 Principles of Palestinian-Israel security Arrangement's in the West Bank & its Political Development Implications Mohammad Naji Mohammad Awad
2015 The impact of social Webs on the Awareness of Najah University students Regarding the Palestinian Issue Shadan Yaquob Khaleel Abu Yaqoub
2012 Woman's Role in Decision-taking in the Palestinian Government establishments (1995-2010) Rula Abd Alraheem Hamde Alqutob
2005 Competitiveness in the Palestinian Food Industries Horizons and Development Luai Sadeq Al-Haj Mustafa
2005 Poverty in Palestine and its Policy Resisting Study case (Jenin Governorate) Abdalah Sadiq Ameen Hasan
2004 An Econometric Analysis of Production Function: The Case Study of Palestinian Industry Nasr Abdallah Qasim Abd- Alhkaleq
2004 Impact of Commercial Banks’ Credit Policy on Private Investment in Palestine Jaser Mohammed Sai’d Al-Khalil
2004 Information Economies in Palestine Reality and Prospects Baker Yaseen Mohammed Shtayyah
2004 The Credit Policy in the Palestinian Banks Amjad Azat Abed-Almazoz Issa
2004 The Effects of Personal Characteristics on Wage Variation Between Palestinian Workers Kalthoum Salami Abdel – Rahman Nasir
2004 The Resoans That Call for Reforming The Palestaniane Indirect Taxation Laws Majid Mohammad Yousef Rabi
2004 The Role of Fisical Policy in Increasing Labor Absorptive Capacity for the Palestinian Economy Shadi Mohammed Ibraheem Othman
2004 The Wage Structure and Determinants In the Palestinian Industry and Their Impact on Competitiveness Bader Fahim Salem Alhusoon
2003 (TQM)Total Quality Managements: Application, Tools and Principles Applied by the Operating Banks in Palestine Mohammad Hassan Abed Allah Al-Masri
2003 Privatization in the Palestinian Economy (Applied Study in the Palestinian Institutions) Haytham Yousef Mohammad Owideh
2003 The Economic Effects of Imposing the Minimum Wages for the Employees in the Palestinian Economy Ibrahim Mohamed Abu-Hantash
2003 The Role Of Industrial Estates In Solving The Problems Of Industrial Sector: A Study Case Concerning Stone Industry In Jenin Governorate Yousef M. Yassir Yousef AL Sae' d
2002 ظاهرة عمالة الأطفال في الضفة الغربية وسياسات مكافحتها رائد احمد محمود زيد
2001 Foreign Loans And Their Role In Economic Development Of Palestine ميساء وليد أحمد عبادي