The Reality of the Intellectual Property and its Impact on the Investment of the information Technology Sector in Palestine

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Rabeh Morrar/suprvisor
Dr. Mahmoud Ja'fari/external examiner
Dr. Amjad Hassan/internal examiner
Dr. Shaker Khalil/internal examiner
Dr. Rabeh Morrar/suprvisor
Musab A Abu Salah
This paper aims to recognize the total impact of the probable implement of Intellectual Property’s protection on the investment in the Information Technology Sector, and to define the better for the Information Technology companies to carry out the Intellectual Property or not. The paper focus on three basic points; the law of the Intellectual Property, the organizations that care about the intellectual property and the citizens’ culture towards the Intellectual Property. The researcher uses Integrative Approach (descriptive and standardized), the study’s sample consists of (150) working company in the Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors, it lasted from 2015-2016. The findings of this paper show that there is an effect marks the statistics of Intellectual Property of the investment in the Information Technology in Palestine. It also explain that there is no legal environment suitable for the Intellectual Property’s protection which backfires the investment in the Information Technology Sector. The findings indicate that the working organizations in the Information Technology Sector respect and stratify the laws of Intellectual Property’s protection sufficiently. In addition to, the absence of the special laws of the Intellectual Property’s protection in Palestine which yields to degeneration in the investment in the Information Technology and as a result, the governmental and private institutions which concern of the Intellectual Property’s protection do not perform their role to protect this property. This paper confirms that the Palestinian citizen does not have knowledge of his own rights or the others’ rights which relate to Intellectual Property’s protection. In the other hand, the absence of the Palestinian citizen’s awareness of the Intellectual Property’s protection importance is a main factor in the investment degeneration in the Information Technology Sector because of the increasing in piracy. At the end, the paper recommends the sponsors of the resolution and legitimization to hurry in deciding effective laws to protect the Intellectual property rights, it is also necessary to decide the suggested modifications of different kinds of Industrial property. Palestine has to join the World Trade Organization officially and to encourage the scientific research and innovation. Moreover, this paper asks the working companies in the Information Technology Sector to find the means that are responsible to decrease services and products prices, and care about the products quality and standards. It is essential to adherent to the international standards during the production process. They also have to comply with the Intellectual Property rights, and try to build cooperation with companies that have Intellectual Property rights, therefore it is necessary to publish the Intellectual Property culture. Finally, this paper recommends the public and private institutions to find an independent organization or more which concern about the Intellectual Property affairs, it also asks the universities to embed the Intellectual Property within their educational curriculums. Moreover, activating the Supervisory institutions’ roles on the products, and the cultural institutions’ roles to spread awareness and find special organizations which adopt gifted and talented people in all aspect
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