The Credit Policy in the Palestinian Banks

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nur Abu - Rub
Amjad Azat Abed-Almazoz Issa
The aim of this study is to know the banks in Palestine are aware of the standards of the credit which known all over the world, and the effects of these standards on the credit policy in the Palestinian banks. It is found that these standards have deferent effects in these banks. So, that reaches (75.27%). But the level take interest in this standard to reach (87.77%). Also, the reputation of the agent and his morals are very important as credit standards. All over the world. So, the collateral this standard becomes very high in the Palestinian banks to reach (83.07%). But the power of the agent doesn't have high consideration from the banks in Palestine. So, this standard has a middle level to be (76.39%). The banks in Palestine take interest in the economic conditions with high level to be (75.02%). Other factors were added to the these standards that affect the accepting or refusing the credit form. For example demand of sector (type of sector)the agent's work has a very important role in affecting the credit policy in the Palestinian banks. This factor has a high level to be (72.02%). But having cash in the bank and its effect in accepting or refusing the credit forms has a high level to reach (71.70%). It is noticed above that the ability of income has the highest consideration among the other standards motioned. The banks in Palestine consider that this standard has high importance so, it is important to study the ability of income of the agent before accepting the credit form and his ability to pay bank. The loan in the fixed time. The reputation of the agent and his morals is the second factor in accepting or refusing the credit forms in the Palestinian banks. So, it doesn't help if the agent doesn't intend to pay bank the loan in spite of the other standards. Finally, accordions to this analyzing above, the theories in the study are rejected because they show the effect of all the factors in the credit policy but not equally, and this result comes after collecting the information from the banks in the west bank.
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