Women's Studies

Year Title Authors
2017 Motivation for Physical Fitness Practice among the Women in Physical Fitness Center in the North of West North Bank Governorates Ameera Hamdan Abdelhade shtawy
2017 The Causes That Lead Widows to Marry Their Dead Husband’s Brother and the Outcomes of This Marriage from Their View Point: Nablus as a Model Hanan Saed Mohammad Jalbush
2016 A study of to what extant The National Early Childhood Development Strategy and kindergarten in public school in regard to gender sensitivity in West Bank Nesreen Salih Mohamed Jarrar
2016 Agendered Analysis of Technical and Vocational Training and Education in Palestine Heba Taleb Abd Allateef Jeetawi
2016 Challenges faced by wives of disabled husbands in Tulkarem governorate Sameera Mostafa Jazmawey
2016 Challenges Facing Syrian Women Refugees in the Za'atari Camp from Gender Perspective Hanadi Hussni Mahmoud
2016 Divorce: Reasons and Consequences from the Perspective Of Divorced Women A Field-Based Study in the Area of Nablus City Mahitab Ahmad Abuzant
2016 Investigating the degree of conformity between the content of the higher basic Arabic textbooks in the Palestinian curriculum and the Gender Robrics from a world perspective Hekmah Fawaz Shbitah
2016 Job Satisfaction at Social Affairs Offices in the Southern West Bank As Perceived by Female Employees Themselves Maysoon M. A. Shroof
2016 The Attitude of Women’s Organizations Directors in the West Bank Northern Governorate under the Palestinian Authority Towards the Reality and Role of Women Organization Nadia Lutfi Kitaneh
2016 The Effectiveness of Micro Credit Organizations in Achieving Economic Empowerment of women in Tulkarem Governorate From The point of view of Organizations'Managers and the Beneficiaries Muna Talat Mahmoud Abad Alal
2016 The Impact of Civil Instituions on the political participation of Palestinian woman project as case of study Ra'ed Yousif Ahmad Sanaqra
2016 The impact of consanguineous marriageson the family's social mrelationships A field study of Balata village Abdallah Abdarrahman Adawi
2016 The impact of the level of education of both spouses on the degree of participation in family mdecision making in Tulkarem Governorate Hussein Ibrahim Shaker Khaleel
2016 The Level of Satisfaction of the Gender-based Psychological need’s, and its Relationship to the Professional Compatibility of the Females and Males Employees in the Governmental Institutions in the West Bank’s Northern Province Alaa Mahmoud Ezzat Bahgat
2016 The Perspectives of the University Staff Members in the Palestinian Universities Towards the Woman’s Different Leadership Roles Suhad "Mohammed Osama" Khayyal
2016 The Role of Guidance and Reform Family Department a Subsidiary of Sharia Courts in West Bank in Preserving the Palestinian Family from Disintegration and to Grant Woman her Legal Rights from the Employees in the Department Point of View Sulafa Ahmad Abdel Qader Sawalha
2016 The role of the ministry of woman affairs in fulfilling the needs of Palestinian woman from the point of view of feminist organization Mayada Nabeeh Abdel Fatah lubbadeh
2015 Attitudes of Female Students At-Anajah National University Towards Work in the Palestinian Security Forces Lana Hashem Mahmoud Muqallalaty
2015 Breast Cancer Screening Barriers among Women in Nablus Governorate Dina Zayed Younes
2015 Palestinian Journalists’ Consciousness in The West Bank Of Women's Issue Amal Azzat Othman Qwareq
2015 The Social Provision for women in the Personal Status Laws in the West Bank from the Perspective of the Law and the Women's Movement Randa Fisal Abd AlKareem Qadri
2015 Violence Against Women in the Workplace in the Governmental and Private Sector in Jenin City Ruba Anan Sa’ed Sa’ed
2014 Effectiveness of the Training Conducted by Women Institutions on the Empowerment of Palestinian Woman Economically from the Beneficiaries Points of View Tamam Jameel Omar Draghmeh
2014 Influence of socialisation institutions on women access into Senior administrative positions in public sector of the northern west bank Shaima’ Anwar Ahmed Ibrahim