Investigating the degree of conformity between the content of the higher basic Arabic textbooks in the Palestinian curriculum and the Gender Robrics from a world perspective

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Alia Assali/Supervisor
Dr. Raja' Sweedan/external examiner
Dr. Abdel Kareem Ayoub/internal examiner
Dr. Alia Assali/Supervisor
Hekmah Fawaz Shbitah
This study aims to investigate how much the content of Arabic textbooks for the higher basic grades reflect Gender robrics from a global perspective. To achieve the goals of this study, the researcher followed the analyt;2ical descriptive methodology, The study is based on different headings (the nature of titles lessons, the nature of the topics dealt with, the main issues used for discussion, reading and comprehension), writing topics, visual tools, and what roles and careers both men and women have. Each topic was put in a separate table which was built on three different levels: sensitive to make gender, sensitive to female gender and sensitive to both. All the data was taken from the Palestinian textbooks curriculum for the scholastic year 2014/ 2015 The study is built on data taken from seventh, eighth and ninth grades for the whole scholastic year. The study excluded the teacher guidance, The study pointed significantly to many results and most importantly was the issue of gender. Those textbooks show an emphasis on the conventional stereotypical role a woman has in the Palestinian community, Other roles which are as important as men roles weren't considered. The content of the textbooks didn't consider the spiral curriculum which represents the principle of sequence and balance between the two genders at the end of the study, the researcher recommended that the Palestinian curriculum has to follow the spiral aspect and to focus on balance when women are mentioned in the textbooks, The roles women play in the Palestinian community are as important as the roles taken by men and for this reason social gender must be taken more seriously in our curricula. key words: Content Analysis, Arabic Language, Palestinian curriculum, Higher Basic stage, Gender Robrics.
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