Palestinian Journalists’ Consciousness in The West Bank Of Women's Issue

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Farid Abu Dheir/supervisor
Dr.Wedad Bargouthi/external examiner
Dr. Abdel Jawwad Abdel Jawwad/internal examiner
Dr. Farid Abu Dheir/supervisor
Amal Azzat Othman Qwareq
The study aimed at identifying the extent of awareness of women's issues among Palestinian journalists who work as correspondents in the West Bank, and the extent of their interest in these issues and familiarity with axes related. The study population in terms of media all Palestinian correspondents working in the Palestinian media within Nablus, Ramallah and Hebron areas, totaling (271)correspondent, was appointed researcher in a comprehensive study of each chosen correspondents, an intentional sample covers areas that have been selected, To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher prepared a questionnaire depending on scientific standards, have been confirmed the veracity of the questionnaire during the presentation to the committee of arbitrators, Reliability coefficient was extracted by Cronbach's alpha equation, reaching reliability coefficient (%72), data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) through Sky square test, The study found the following results as the following: In total reporters have very little knowledge of treaties and international Conventions pertaining to women, As well as follow-up of women's issues And the interest in it also there they have little interest in the media Coverage, They are also involved minimal participation in courses pertaining to gender ,And they have a weakness in terms of knowledge pertaining to women's issues, little interest in developing their knowledge of women's issues in general, As shown in the tables statistical treatments, despite the presence of a large number of them do not know that international conventions never, and do not care about women's issues, or display it in the media, or follow-up it, or the development of their knowledge of them through courses and seminars in absolute terms. There is no impact to the place of business reporter on his knowledge of international conventions and treaties related to women, (CEDAW, Copenhagen, Nairobi, and document the Palestinian women's rights for 2008), It also does not have the effect of gender and follow-up reporter to the issues of women in society Or raised in the media , alsoThere is no effect of gender and journalist keen to participate in training courses on gender issues reporter or Support international treaties which provided for freedom of women, Nor on his opinion on the inclusion of women's issues in the curriculum adversely affect students, There is also no relationship between age and priorities reporter to cover issues related to women, Results also showed no effect of experience on the press reporter knowledge empowerment of women (Economically, politically, and socially). and There is an impact on the knowledge of domestic violence, and equality and social justice, and women's work and Women's quota,but there is impact and relationship between age and the knowledge of reproductive health, in there resalt also has no effect on the salary Reporter interest in participating in the courses and seminars that discuss women's issues, And confined to put those issues on the journalist or news article, But there is impact of his salary on media coverage of issues related to women. We can explain that influence the level of income to do media coverage of women's issues, That the higher the income of the Palestinian reporter increased coverage of women's issues and vice true, This is due to several reasons, including the cost of labor, as any coverage of gender issues, followed by the cost of material, This cost is deducted from the employee's salary, If Reporter they was Low income so will avoid cover such issues, If his salary is high it does not affect about covered that, also if the work was special it is less coverage , and the Reporter work under the framework of a particular institution is a higher coverage. Another explanation is also That psychological comfort for the press reporter coming from the economic well-being make him looking for deep things such as gender issues, The reporters with higher salary They are the owners of fame So them are targeted by other institutions To invite them to cover through media Away from low-income reporters who are novices to work and are not the owners of fame in the media field. In addition to another interpretation is that reporters they may avoid any media coverage of gender issues ,or for Events belonging to the feminist women's organizations, The reporter is exploits in the additional work of it at no charge , This exhausted them in physically , time and effort also. These explanations as stated in the words of reporters, When asked them about the interpretation, Behind the coverage of women's issues from reporters with high incomes by more than others. And also study found that the Women issues raised in the media it is of a social nature, It is taken from the door of the family and health and others.
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