The role of the ministry of woman affairs in fulfilling the needs of Palestinian woman from the point of view of feminist organization

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Farid Abu Dheir/suprvisor
Prof. Yousef Deyab Awad/external examiner
Dr. Naser Al Deen Al-Sha'er/internal examiner
Dr. Farid Abu Dheir/suprvisor
Mayada Nabeeh Abdel Fatah lubbadeh
The research aimed at recognizing the effectiveness the roles the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in adopting and achieving the demands of the Palestinian woman from the perspective of women’s organizations. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach, and for this purpose she used the questionnaire as a tool to collect the data related to the research. The study sample consisted of whole the staff men and women who work at women's organizations in Ramallh. The number reached (390) employees, according to the statistics of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for the year 2015/2016. The study sample reached (190), then the questionnaire was presented and analyzed statically, and the outcomes were worked out statically by SPSS statistical package. The researcher reached to the following results, the most important ones are: • The degree of overall trends for the answers of the study sample from women and men workers in the women’s organizations have arrived to a mean (3.51) and standard deviation (.34) to the total degree of the study domains. • There are no significant differences at (α = 0.05) in the means of the workers’ answers in the women’s organizations related to the effectiveness of the roles of the Ministry of women’s Affairs in adopting and achieving the Palestinian women’s demands from their perspectives, according to the study variables (the age of the organization, the nature of the work at the organization, the kind of the organization, the kind, the scientific abstract, and the place). The researcher recommended the following recommendations: • Organizing awareness campaigns about the social kind and the women’s role, as these campaigns have an effect on the decision makers and the people who interest about the women’s affairs in the Palestinian society. • The work to setup a joint committee to represent all the women’s organizations to keep in contact with the organization to bring the ideas and the demands to them. And to clarify the obstacles the prevent them from practicing various activities properly
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