Challenges faced by wives of disabled husbands in Tulkarem governorate

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Julia Droeber/supervisor
Dr. Fisal Zanoon/co-suprvisor
Dr. Fadwa labadi/external examiner
Dr. Fayez Mahameed/internal examiner
Dr. Julia Droeber/supervisor
Dr. Fisal Zanoon/co-suprvisor
Sameera Mostafa Jazmawey
The woman faces big challenges and problems due to gender differentiation which is built on traditional culture. These problems would clearly appear if the concentration was on disabled men's wives. These problems vary between social, psychological or financial problems according to disability type and its level. These problems were being analysed according to different group changes among of them those which are concerned with disability circumstances or the reality of disabled family and the type and the level of the disability. Analysing different problems that disabled men's wives suffer from, challenges and difficulties show the role of different organisations such as family organisation, governmental and civil organisations in financial and moral support issues (social and psychological) to help disabled men's wives in adaptation, minimizing those problems and difficulties, and the failure aspects in support processes. Therefore, for this study's purposes, the researcher employed the descriptive analytical research method by using some analytical methods such as average degree, repeated charts and intersected charts as well as using some analytical exams to test the hypotheses. However, a random sample which represents 50% of men's wives of the study population in Tulkarem was chosen. Thus, the population of the study was formed from all married members of disabled Union in Tulkarem, meetings and questionnaires were used to collect required information. The study yielded the following results: . Disabled men's wives suffer from difficult and increasing economical, social, cultural and psychological problems. . Family members of disabled persons live in difficult economical circumstances, low average income and high average of unemployment. . Financial support which was offered by the institutions of disabled people is not enough to meet the minimum basic needs. Moreover, most institutions don't offer neither social nor psychological help. . Neither disabled persons and their wives and sons nor their get their human rights which were declared by local and international law. . Many women think of escaping from the cruelty of life and the hardness of social, economical and psychological pressures that threaten family structure. . There isn't enough interest by the mass media to spread social awareness of disabled people's issues and their families in order to find beneficial solutions for their problems. . There is a big failure in governmental and civil organisations in supporting men's wives psychologically and socially which worsening the problems that they suffer from and minimizing the possibility of their adaptation and enablement. . Test of prepared hypotheses in advance showed that many of independent variables don't play a major role in the difference and the variability of psychological, social and cultural trends such as the variable age of the wife, her job, her level of education and the size of the family in addition. But some of these independent variables had an effect in the difference like the level of disability and the place of living on some of these problem fields. The study yielded the following recommendations; The following were the most important of them: . The necessity to focus on social awareness of disability to create social culture that respects the humanity of man and his rights. . Granting disabled men's wives the priority to employment and work to enable them to play the extra role to protect the family and meet its needs. . The necessity to activate the role of different care institutions working in disability field to minimize the rising problems. . Focus should be on social and psychological dimensions not only on economic and financial sides, because the social and psychological sides are not less important, but their results need longer time to bear fruit ,support processes shouldn't only concentrate on the disabled person but also his wife,too. . Professional and voluntary teams should be formed in psychological and social supporting processes for disabled men's wives especially persons with skill and experiance.
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