Educational Science - Methods of Teaching English

Year Title Authors
2017 Mapping the Strategies of Evaluation as Employed by the English Language Faculty Instructors at the Palestinian Universities & Higher Education Institutions Ghada Hamdan
2017 The Influence of Applying Note-Taking Strategy on Improving Students’ EnglishListening Comprehension Skills at ArabAmerican University-Jenin Amal Hisham Maraabeh
2017 The Role of Group Work inImproving Students’ Speaking Skillsat the English Language Center at the Arab American University-Jenin Doa’a Nayef Ahmed Aboura
2016 TEFL Majors' Attitudes towards the Implementation of e-Courses at An-Najah National University Reem Azmi Hasan Esaa
2016 The Effectiveness of Document-Based Questionsin Enhancing the Intercultural Competence of Students at An-Najah National University Jonathan Edwin Wright
2016 The Influence of Community LanguageLearning Approach on Improving the Students' English Speaking Skills at theArab American University-Jenin Islam Tayseer Fayed
2016 The Influence of Teachers of EnglishWritten Feedback on the Eleventh Graders' Performance in Writing Skill in Salfit District / Experimental Study Saeed Mohammad Mosa Abu Zir
2015 Teaching Strategies and their Role on Students’ Engagement in Learning English Nedaa Waleed Izzat Zohud
2015 The Cross- Cultural Aspects of TEFL: A Case Study of English for Palestine New Series Rana Ahmad Mustafa Rihan
2015 The Difficulties Encountered by EFL Learners in Listening Comprehension as Perceived by ELC Students at the Arab American University-Jenin Ahkam Hasan Assaf
2015 The Effect of Experiential Learning on Improving the Performance of EFL Students as Perceived by Teachers of English in the Northern Governorates of Palestine Noor Saber Abd Alkareem Abu-Assab
2015 The Effect of Social Media on Palestinian Ninth Graders’ English Writing Proficiency Enas Abed Al-Raheem Abu Hamdeh
2015 The Influence of Applying Map Concept Strategy on Improving Students' Writing Skills in Ramallah District Omar Mohammed Abdul Fattah Mahdi
2015 The Mistakes that Teachers of English Make in Managing Their Classes and Suggested Remedies from the Teachers' and Supervisors' Perspectives in Tulkarm Directorate Malak Adnan Thulthien
2014 The Impact of Remedial Classes on the Performance of the Fourth Grade Low Achievers in English in Public Schools in Ramallah District Elham Theeb Mahmoud Jarrar
2014 The Influence of Note-Taking Strategy on Improving Students' Academic Achievement from English and TEFL Majors' Perspectives at An-Najah National University Bayan Ezzedeen Al-Ashkar
2014 The Influence of Using e-learning Courses on Enhancing the Students' Motivation at An-Najah University from the Instructors’ and the Students’ Perspectives Asal Bassam Odeh
2013 The Effect of Using Facebook on Improving Students' Writing Skills in English. Mariam Ghaleb Ibrahim
2013 The Reading Difficulties in English andHow to Deal with them as Perceived byTeachers and Students in Nablus District Alaa' Yaseen
2012 The Reading Difficulties in English and How to Deal with Them as Perceived by Teachers and Students in Nablus District) Alla' Abdel-Hameed Yassen
2011 An Investigation of the Influence of Foreign Language Teaching on Mother Language Learning in 1st and in 3rd Grade Students from the Perception of Teachers in Nablus and Tulkarm Districts Samira Lotfy Mahmoud
2010 An Investigation of the Influence of Foreign Language Teaching on Mother Language Learning on 1st and 3rd Grade Students from the Perception of Teachers' in Nablus and Tulkarm Districts) Sameera Lutfee Essa Mahoud
2010 Integrating Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) on The Tenth Graders To Improve Learners' Achievement In Reading Comprehension In Jenin District Soheer Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Nejmeh
2010 Integrating Higher Order Thinking Skills on Reading Comprehension to Improve Learners' Achievement on the Tenth Graders in Jenin District)
2009 An Evaluative Study of the Palestinian 11th Grade English Textbook from the Teachers' Perspective in Southern Nablus and Salfit Districts Abdul-Rahim Abdul-Qader Mahmoud Aqel