The Mistakes that Teachers of English Make in Managing Their Classes and Suggested Remedies from the Teachers' and Supervisors' Perspectives in Tulkarm Directorate

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Awad/supervisor
Dr. Mohammed Farrah / External Examiner
Dr. Suzanne Arafat Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmed Awad/supervisor
Malak Adnan Thulthien
This study aimed at investigating the mistakes that teachers of English make in managing their classes from the teachers' and supervisors' perspectives and suggested remedies in Tulkarm Directorate. To achieve the study aim, the researcher used two tools: A thirty- eight item questionnaire and a semi- structured interview to collect information about the mistakes of classroom management. The population of the study consisted of all secondary English language teachers in Tulkarm District in the scholastic year 2014- 2015 which consisted of (281) teachers and (4) supervisors. The sample of the study was composed of (84) teachers (40 males and 44 females), the supervisors were(2) males and (2) females. The major results of the study that the researcher found were the following: teachers should use clear classroom rules, ignore bad behavior, reinforce good behavior, communicate with parents and work in groups in order to avoid classroom management mistakes. The results of the interviews with teachers showed that the results of the interview indicated that supervisors encouraged teachers to involve all students in classroom activities to prevent chaotic environment, work in groups, listen to students and try to solve their problems.
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