The Impact of Remedial Classes on the Performance of the Fourth Grade Low Achievers in English in Public Schools in Ramallah District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Awad Amin / Supervisor
Dr. Khaled Dweikat / External Examiner
Dr. Fayez Aqel / Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmed Awad Amin / Supervisor
Elham Theeb Mahmoud Jarrar
This study aimed at investigating the impact of Remedial Classes on the performance of the fourth grade low achievers in English in public schools in Ramallah District. It also examined the effect of gender and group variables on those pupils’ performance. To achieve the above - mentioned aims, the researcher developed a 59-item English proficiency test that covers the four language skills which are in convenience with grade and level of the selected pupils. Additionally, the researcher conducted an interview with all English language teachers who taught the fourth graders regularly in the ordinary classes in their schools; the number of those teachers was five. The data were collected and analyzed using SPSS to answer the questions of the study. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher found that there was an obvious effect for the remedial classes on improving the students’ level in English language learning, particularly in speaking skill which was also approved by English teachers’ responses in the interview. Based on these findings, the researcher recommended that teachers should give more emphasis to remedial education techniques while teaching, and cooperate with remedial teachers to help low achievers and make progress in their achievement. The researcher also recommended that parents should be aware of the importance of such remedial programs for their children and cooperate with remedial teachers. The researcher recommended stakeholders to organize intensive workshops on remedial education for training teachers on how to remediate and teach low achievers.
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