The Influence of Community LanguageLearning Approach on Improving the Students' English Speaking Skills at theArab American University-Jenin

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Dr. Mohammad Farrah / External Examiner
Dr. Ayman Nazzal / Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Islam Tayseer Fayed
This study investigated the influence of using Community Language Learning Approach (CLLA) on improving the students’ English speaking skills at the English language center at Arab American University in Jenin. The study also investigated the influence of these variables (gender and academic level) on the students’ performance in a speaking test. So as to achieve this purpose, the researcher used a speaking test on a 56-student sample that consisted of two groups out of the English intermediate level students. Results revealed that there were statistical significant differences at α =0.05 between the means of the two groups in favor of the experimental group which proved the effectiveness of using CLLA in improving the students’ English speaking skill. In the light of the study findings the researcher recommended the appropriate use of CLLA in classrooms along with students’ intensive participation in all class activities. Additionally further research was recommended on the influence of CLLA on improving the students’ speaking skills.
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