The Influence of Applying Map Concept Strategy on Improving Students' Writing Skills in Ramallah District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Dr. ziyad Tanni / External Examiner
Dr. Fawaz Aqel / Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Omar Mohammed Abdul Fattah Mahdi
This study aimed to investigate "the influence of applying map concept on improving students' writing skills". To achieve this, the researcher used a writing test. This test was applied to (60) students from eighth grade, divided into two groups, (30) students in each group. The students are from Bitonyia public school for boys in Ramallah. The researcher distributed the writing pretest on the control and the experimental groups. The same sample was used to answer the posttest for the same groups after teaching the students in the experimental group how to use map concept strategy. One of the major findings is that students in general have positive results concerning the improvement of writing skills by using map concept. In the light of this finding, the researcher recommended the extension of applying map concept for all students in schools. Another divergent recommendation was directed to the Ministry of Education. Some for teachers to apply map concept strategy, others for students to use it when writing, while the rest are addressed for both the Directorate of Education and The Palestinian Center for Curriculum.
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