TEFL Majors' Attitudes towards the Implementation of e-Courses at An-Najah National University

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Dr. Khaled Dweikat /External Examiner
Dr. Fayez Aqel /Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmed Awad / Supervisor
Reem Azmi Hasan Esaa
This study aimed at investigating M.A. TEFL Majors' Attitudes towards the implementation of e-courses at An-Najah National University. This study also aimed at investigating the effect of gender, academic level and experience in using e-courses. To achieve these aims, the researcher used two tools: A thirty- nine item questionnaire and a semi- structured interview to collect the necessary information. The researcher distributed the questionnaire among the sample of the study (50 male and female students). A three- question interview was carried out by the researcher and applied to the same selected sample. The researcher used different statistical procedures such as: means, standard deviation, percentages, t-test, One Way ANOVA and LSD test. The major results of the study were the following: TEFL Majors in general have moderate attitudes towards the implementation of e-courses at An-Najah National University. Statistical differences were shown in all study variables in favor of female, experience in e-courses and the students’ academic level. In the light of the results of this study, the researcher recommended the extension of applying e-courses for all students in different faculties and for all courses. Finally, the researcher recommended conducting similar studies at other universities in Palestine to investigate the similarities and the differences in regard to the implementation of e-courses for the sake of achieving better teaching and learning.
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