Educational Science - Methods of Teaching English

Year Title Authors
2009 The Impact of Self-Dent Learning Strategy on the Student's Achievement from the Government Secondary School Teacners' Perspectives in Tulkarm District Laila Mohammed Ahmed Saleem
2009 The Level of Commitment and its Relation to Students’ Achievement as Perceived by English Language Teachers in Public Schools in Tulkarm District Abdul Salam Jameel Mohammad Abdul Raheem
2004 An Investigation of English Language Learning Strategies Used by Eleventh Grade Students in Learning English as A Foreign Language in Governmental and Private Schools in Nablus City in Palestine Yaser Mohammad Mustafa Hamed
2004 Professional Difficulties Facing Secondary School English Language Teachers and It's Effect in Classroom Performance in Northern Governorates of Palestine Mahmoud Shawket Mahmoud Ahmad
2004 The Effect of Using Pragmatic Competence Test on the Ninth Graders’ Proficiency of the Major Four Skills in Nablus City Wafa Omar Mahmoud Maraheel
2004 The Role of English Teachers in Drawing Schools and the Factors Affecting Attention asb Perceived by Teachers Students' Attention in Salfit District Suhair Husni Zahran Abdullah
2003 Discoursal Elements in the Written English of Seniors at An-Najah National University Ossama Mustafa Mohammad Mustafa
2003 Teachers' Evaluation of First Graders' English for Palestine in The Northern Directorates of Palestine Sa'eda Nadeem Masri
2003 The Most Common Educational Difficulties in Teaching English in 5th and 6th Grades as Perceived by English Language Teachers in Northern Districts of Palestine Hisham Izzat Hamoudeh Abu Hamed
2002 Study Habits Practiced by Twelfth Graders Learning English in Tulkarm District Leena Rasmi Salman
2002 The Effect of Multimedia CD-ROM Based Software on English Language Skills of the Third Grade Student at Private Schools in Nablus Area Qunoe' Hassan Qasem Fuqha
2002 The Effect of Using Educational Games on the Motivation of EFL Tenth Grade Learners Ibraheem Musei
2001 An Investigation of UNRWA EFL Teachers' Perception of their Current English Skills and their Pre-Service Teacher Education Adel A. Karim Zawawi
2001 Attitudes of Tenth Grade Students Towards Speaking English as a Foreign Language in Salfeet District Fatima Omar Deeb Hassan
2001 Hardiness Behavior of English Teachers in The Northern Districts of Palestine Hussam Ahmed Salih Qadumi
2001 Some Syntactic Features Typical of Spoken English in The Senior English Majors' Writing at An-Najah National University Malek Rasheed Saleh Nassrallah
2001 Teacher's Opinions of English Language Supervisors Maher Sobhi Salem
2001 The Effect of Listening Skill On Improving English Grade Students' Written Performance Amineh Rasheed Mohammad Hamid
2001 The Effects of Prereading Activities on The Tenth-Graders Achievement in Reading Comprehension in Tulkarem District Saleem Mahmoud Salem Mahmoud
2000 Factors Influencing English Majors' Achievement at An-Najah University as Perceived by Students Waleed Mohammed Al-Hasan
2000 Levels of Burnout Among the Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in the Northern Governorates of Palestine and their Relationship with Some Demographic Variables Firas Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud
2000 Perception of The First Secondary Students Towards English Language Classroom Environment in Improving EFL Learning in Nablus District Oraib Abed Samad Aker
2000 Reading Comprehension Strategies of Literature Texts Employed by English Language & Literature Majors at An-Najah National University Khuloud Ahmad Isma'el Al-Asmar
2000 The Effect of Applying the Stylistic Approach to the Teaching of Poetry on the 11th Grade Students' Achievement and Attitudes In'am Abdel-Aziz Hammad
2000 The Effect of Literature-Based Reading instruction on Tenth-Grade Students' Attitudes Toward Reading Tawfiq Mohammed Tawfiq Omar