The Phenomenon of Political Violence in the Palestinian Political System Analytical Study 1994-2000

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Basem Ezbidi
Saleh Ahmad Abdel Khaleq Taha
This study aims to answer the question concerning the effect of the absence of political integration on political violence in the Palestinian political system. To answer this question the study based on the hypothesis which indicates-there is a correlation between the absence of political integration and political violence in Palestine. The approach I used is the analytical descriptive method as this provides tools and procedures to disclose the phenomenon and to pinpoint its clues. Besides, there is a possibility of analysis and detecting reasons that lead to the rise of the phenomenon. In addition, this approach allows us to recommend and put forward suggestion to control the phenomenon and predict its future. The study is divided into four chapters together with an introduction and a summery. The first part deals with the framework of the concept. This enabled me to discuss and analyze the basic concept of the study and disclose the nature of relation among its parts. The concept of political integration and its causes were dealt with in the first part. I also discussed the way it affects and leads to the rise of political violence which is another substantial concept in the study. The second chapter deals with the possibility of detecting and analyzing signs of political violence in Palestine. It was concluded that the phenomenon is a reality in Palestine. There have been many types of violence: official and public. The most frequent political sings are detention, demonstration and riots.
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