The Impact of Israel: Security Theory on Economical and Political Divergence of the Palestinian Population in the West Bank and Gaza During (1991-2002)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Othman Othman
Moneb Abd-Alrahmman Shbeb
The issue of security heads the first priority of the Hebrew state priorities since its establishment until now, and the situations and equivalent for the Jewish state presence. For this, stress is being practiced on enlisting the various self powers and allied in the direction of what is so called preserving the Israeli national security in front of the external and internal risks. To keep on its alleged national security , the Hebrew state waged various wars against the surrounding Arab countries. As a result of these wars, more Arab lands fell in Israeli hands , and Israel is still occupying parts of them though the Arabs recognizes in Israel as a legal state within secure borders, and it is internationally recognized by the two international resolutions 242 and 338 ,which form a reference to the Arab- Israel negotiations that started subsequently Madrid Peace Conference in the Middle East in 1991. But this conference hadn’t achieved any results because of the Israel obstinacy. This assures that reaching a balanced peaceful solution with Israel is so difficult as long as is the power and the dominance are the origin and start of any Israel policy towards the Arab region and its peoples. The Palestinian –Israel negotiations that led to in vain , because of the Israeli’s refusal prove again that the coming time carries a new phase of conflict in the region , not a phase of peaceful coexistence and regional settling.
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