Clean Energy and Conservation Strategy

Year Title Authors
2017 Efficiency Improvement of Solar Water Heater by Using PV-Powered Pump Mahmoud Abu Arrah
2017 Environmental Impact Assessment of Centralized and Decentralized Biogas Power Plants in Palestine Ruba Ahmad Hasan Alia
2016 An Iterative Method for Optimally Sizing Solar Inverter in Grid Connected System: A Case Study of Palestine Ali Ahmad Ali Mohammad
2016 Feasibility Study of Implementing CSP Technology in Palestine Osama Isam S. Draidi
2016 Techno – Economic Analysis of Implementation Energy Management Resources in Some Factories in West Bank Anas Omar Nassorah
2016 Techno-Economic Analysis and Energy Management of Installation onGrid PV Systems “An-Najah National Hospital as Case Study’’ Ahmad Yousef Khaled Khlouf
2016 Techno-Economic Impact of Using On-Grid and Off-Grid PV Solar Systems in West Bank (Masoud village as a case study) Leena Mahmoud Rabee'a Ammous
2015 Design and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Cathodic Protection Systems Abdurrahman Jamal Khalid Samoudi
2015 Life Cycle Assessment of Water HeatingSystems Used in Health Clubs Ali M. Abbas
2015 Modeling the Effect of Total Harmonic Distortion on Power Quality of Supply Case Study- Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology) Abdellatif Fawaz Yadak
2015 Socio-Economic Impacts of Using On-Grid PV Solar Systems in Public Buildings in west Bank, (Schools and Municipalities) Salma 'Muhammed Ali' Yasser Shuqqo
2015 Techno- Economic Evaluation and Improvement Possibilities of Local Grid Connected House – PV Power System Alaa Inad Mahmoud Awwad
2014 Comparative Study for Underfloor Heating System using Boiler or Heat Pump Hussein Ishaq Hussein Awad
2014 Technical and Financial Analysis of Using Variable Frequency Drive for Water Pumps Compared with Fixed Frequency Anwer Yaser Roba
2014 The Techno - Economical Impact of PV On-Grid Systems on the Security of Palestinian Electrical Supply (Jericho PV system - Case study) Abdel Latif Wasef Abdel Latif Kharouf
2013 Efficiency and Feasibility Borders of Water Pumping Systems Powered by Electric Grid, Diesel Generators and PV Generators with PLC – Tracking of the Daily Solar Radiation Curve Hanan Mohammad Ali
2013 Electrification of Remote Clinics by Photovoltaic – HydrogenFuel Cell System Makawi Diab Hraiz
2013 Performance Test and Techno-Economic Evaluation of a PV Powered Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Desalination System in West Bank Samer Farid Yousef Yousef
2013 Technical Impacts of Grid Tied PV on JDECO Network: Case Study /Jericho and Al-Jeep Feeders Rami Yaser Mohammad Dasa
2013 Techno Economic Feasibility of Energy Supply of Tower Communication Systems in Palestine by PV-Hybrid system Firas Shaher Hassan Snoubar
2012 Design and Simulation of a Photovoltaic System with Maximum Power Control to Supply a Load with Alternating Current Ja’far Saif Edden Abdel Hafeath Jallad
2012 Design and Techno-Economical Analysis of a Grid Connected with PV/ Wind Hybrid System in Palestine (Atouf Village-Case study) Mohammad Husain Mohammad Dradi
2012 Ola Subhi Waheed Al-Qasem Ola Subhi Waheed Al-Qasem
2012 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Combined Thermal Solar Collector and Horizontal loopGround Source Heat Pump Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim Khoswan