Design and Techno-Economical Analysis of a Grid Connected with PV/ Wind Hybrid System in Palestine (Atouf Village-Case study)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Imad lbrik / Supervisor
Dr. Abedel Karim Daud / External Examiner
Prof. Marwan Mahmoud / Internal Examiner
Dr. Imad Ibrik
Mohammad Husain Mohammad Dradi
As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, more information on how different technologies will behave needs to be available. This research based on modeling the Grid tie PV/Wind hybrid system using Matlab Simulink software program in order to study the techno-economic performance analysis of building these systems according to our environmental conditions and collecting data such as temperature, solar radiation and wind speed. By creating a Simulink program which predicts the power output as a function of solar radiation, temperature and wind speed, a side-by-side comparison of different sizes and configurations can be made. Current predictive models are very useful for a grid tie system, which is limited to operate at the maximum power point, thus adaptations to previous models have been made. This model accurately predicts the power output of different PV hybrid system based on side data specification. The program is dynamic, and fit with the changes of parameters, which are related to the reduced power output caused by increased temperature, as well as the effect of non-linear absorption of solar radiation on power output. Data was collected and analyzed as a case study for Atouf village. This research is important because it exposes weaknesses of different environmental conditions of the locations, and allows for a direct comparison of modeling different configurations of hybrid systems. This research shows that tacking random value for determining the size of PV system is not the best performance indicators of grid tie system. Specifically, this research shows that the penetration factor of PV hybrid system has a different effect on the power output of each PV array. The size of this affect can be evaluated technically and economically by using this software program.
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