The Techno - Economical Impact of PV On-Grid Systems on the Security of Palestinian Electrical Supply (Jericho PV system - Case study)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Imad Ibrik / Supervisor
Dr. Samer Alsadi / External Examiner
Dr. Waleed Alkokhon / Internal Examiner
Dr. Imad Ibrik / Supervisor
Abdel Latif Wasef Abdel Latif Kharouf
This research based on modeling the grid tie PV power system using Matlab Simulink software program in order to study the techno-economic performance analysis of building these systems according to our environmental conditions such as temperature, solar radiation and wind speed. The main objective of research is to design a grid tie PV system by using Matlab Simulink program and apply this system on Jericho PV power plant as a case study. To achieve this objective we should study the mathematical models which characterize each part of grid tie PV power system such as PV module, MPPT controller, transformer, and then convert the mathematical models to Simulink models. Furthermore, we should investigate the design connection topologies for all components of grid tie PV system in order to study the operation of system for different environmental conditions. Current predictive models are very useful for a grid tie system, which is limited to operate at the maximum power point. These models accurately predict the power output of different PV On grid tie system based on data specification. The program is dynamic, and fit with the changes of parameters, which are related to the reduced power output caused by increased temperature, as well as the effect of non-linear absorption of solar radiation on power output. Data was collected and analyzed as a case study for Jericho PV power plant. On the M.V case study of Jericho network and Jericho Solar PV station, negligible technical impacts were noted on the current level of penetration which, the current capacity of the station, equals 300 kWp. On the low voltage case study, it is recommended to minimize the negative technical impact of the distributed PV generators on the conventional grid by using smart grid systems to monitor the grid performance hourly and control the energy exchange times. Regarding the L.V case, it’s recommended from the researcher point of view, as a result of this study, that it was more justified and preferable if limiting the PV penetration level on the grid to 15% or to equal the minimum load of the feeder by the regulator for more safety. Based on the economic evaluation, the cost of energy generated by Jericho PV power plant were studied is 0.18 (US$/kWh) while the cost of energy generated by conventional supply is 0.19 (US$/kWh).
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