Clean Energy and Conservation Strategy

Year Title Authors
2011 Design and Techno- Economical Analysis of a Grid Connected with PV/Wind Hybrid System in Palestine (Atoof Village – Case Study) Mohammad Drade
2011 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Hybrid System of Solar Collector and Horizontal Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Ibraheem Khaswan
2010 Design and Building of Biogas Digester for Organic Materials Gained From Solid waste Mansour-Al Sadi
2010 Energy Conservation and Load Management Analysis in Nablus Electrical Network Basel Moustafa Qasem Abdul-Haq
2010 Energy Management and Analysis of Ramallah Electrical Network Tha’er Mahmoud Tawfiq Jaradat
2010 Sustainable Energy Management In Commercial Sector In The West-Bank: Case Study Of A PALTEL Company Ahmad Mahmoud Ahmad Tartir
2010 Treatment of Surface Water by Autonomous Solar-Powered Membrane Cells Raed Waked Assad Al Qutub
2009 Optimum Design and Performance Analysis of a Proposed Palestinian Electrical Network Abdalla Nizar Husni Bustami
2008 Design, Building and Techno-Economic Evaluation of Biogas Digester Eng. Ola Abd AL-Rahman Abd Allah Adawi
2008 Energy Management Procedures and Audit Results of Electrical, Thermal and Solar Applications in Hospitals Sector in Palestine Bashar Adli Shukri Da'as
2008 Enhancement of Photoelectrochemical Characteristics of CdS Thin Film Electrodes Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition: Effect of Annealing and Rate of Cooling Rania M. A. Ismail
2008 Optimal Operation Strategy and Economic Analysis of Rural Electrification of Atouf Village by Electric Network, Diesel Generator and Photovoltaic System Eng. Asma Mufeed Ibraheem Yasin
2008 Oxygen Enriched Combustion of High Emission Fuels Mohammed Fahed Mohammed Alsayed
2008 Simulation of a Hybrid Power System Consisting of Wind Turbine, PV, Storage Battery and Diesel Generator with Compensation Network: Design, Optimization and Economical Evaluation Mahmoud Salah Ismail Abdel-Qader
2008 Solar Energy Refrigeration by Liquid-Solid Adsorption Technique Watheq Khalil Said Hussein
2008 Study and Design of An Automatic Control System for Electric Energy Management - Case Study An-Najah National University Mohammed Khaleel Sa'di "Rashid Al_Mubayed"
2008 Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Electrification Of Small Villages In Palestine By Centralized And Decentralized Pv System Bassam Ahmed A.Abdel-Ghani
2007 Computer – Aided Design and Performance Evaluation of PV-Diesel Hybird System Mo'ien Ali Ahmad Omar
2007 Cooling of High Heat Flux Electronic Devices by Two Phase Thermosyphon System Aysar Mahmoud Masoud Yasin