Electrification of Remote Clinics by Photovoltaic – HydrogenFuel Cell System

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Prof. Dr. Marwan Mahmoud / Supervisor
Dr. Basim Alsayid / External Examiner
Dr. Muneer Abdo / Internal Examiner
Prof. Dr. Marwan Mahmoud / Supervisor
Makawi Diab Hraiz
Palestinian health clinics in remote areas suffer from limited electric networks due to Israeli restrictions and lack of infrastructure fund from National Authorities. Most of these areas are distant from the main medium voltage transmission lines, which makes the unfeasible to connect them to the main electric power grids. Therefore, renewable energy sources could be more clean and feasible solution, especially solar and bio-waste sources. A typical energy consumption pattern for a small health clinic will be used. In addition, the theses would be providing modelling of the proposed system. Experimental results obtained for a reduced scale model parts built in the lab to give insight into the system technical details. Fuel availability and clean energy production in fuel cells, given its chemical reactions occurs inside as well as production of electricity for unlimited time, are of the main system specifications. This contribution provides a power management strategy for solar and fuel cell system scaled to suite a typical small clinics from rural areas in Palestine The proposed control strategy is based on a logic-based method that consider the states of power supply sources and the demand to combine and switch in between giving priority to the much stable source. In addition, experimental results for system part have been done on scaled system in the lab.
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