Technical and Financial Analysis of Using Variable Frequency Drive for Water Pumps Compared with Fixed Frequency

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Prof. Marwan Mahmoud / Supervisor
Dr. Abdel-Karim Daud / External Examinar
Dr. Numan Mizyed / Internal Examinar
Prof. Marwan Mahmoud / Supervisor
Anwer Yaser Roba
Variable speed drives in the water pumping systems are now a mature technology, can achieve significant gains for the user to reduce costs improve the efficiency and reliability, the right applications. However it is dear that higher costs and lower overall system efficiency are combined with the traditional control frequency system. In this thesis, the performance of one water pumping system with a constant frequency ( 50 Hz) will be theoretically and practically analyzed and compared with another water pumping systems with variable frequency both system types are built on three artesian wells operating in Tulkarm area for irrigation of farms where one system operate with constant frequency ( soft start) and remaining two systems with variable frequency inverter .
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