Design and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Cathodic Protection Systems

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Marwan M. Mahmoud / Supervisor
Prof. Sameer Hanna / External Examiner
Prof. Hosne Odeh / Internal Examiner
Prof. Marwan M. Mahmoud / Supervisor
Abdurrahman Jamal Khalid Samoudi
This thesis discusses the using of cathodic protection (CP) technology for providing protection against corrosion of Submarines and underground pipeline distribution networks (PDN) in Palestine. Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy is used to supply an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system. The design deals with three alternatives depending on the percentage of protected surface area from the total area of the pipelines, the alternative A, B and C represent 90%, 95% and 98% respectively. A simple model has been built through Simulink/MATLAB software in this thesis. Economic analysis is applied to compare between rehabilitation of the damaged pipelines and using the PV powered ICCP system for each alternative. The economic analysis shows that the saving through using PV powered ICCP system instead of rehabilitation of the pipelines is very large. The saving for the alternatives presented as: (A) is $3,985,440 from $5,371,493, (B) is $1,840,670 from $2,688,311 and (C) is $1,015,603 from $1,075,350. These savings represent percentages of 74.2%, 68.47% and 94.44% of the rehabilitation cost for the alternatives A, B and C respectively.
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