Science - Chemistry

Year Title Authors
2017 Synthesis and Modeling of Water Soluble Mixed Triamine/Diamine/Copper (II) Complexes and their Antibacterial Activities Fatima Ali Mustafa Abu Saleema
2016 Determination of Some Proteins by the Interaction with Tris-Aminocarboxylate Metal Complexes Mervat Fawwaz Ibrahim Abu-Zeinah
2016 Extraction of Cellulose Poweder from Argania Spinosa (Stems and Seeds) Trees Reham Nedal Abdullah Hattab
2016 Modification and Characterization of Novel Porous SiO2 Material Functionalized with C,C-Pyridylpyrazole acceptor for sulphate Removal from wastewater Deena Adnan Ali Khudariah
2016 Purification of Groundwater from Heavy Toxic Metals using Suspended Polydentate Supported Ligands Bayan Mohammad Mahmoud Khalaf
2016 Quality Assessment of Oil from Olive Trees Irrigated by Waste Water Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy Wala’ Adnan Abdul Rahim Droubi
2016 Syntheses, Spectral, DNA Binding Studies of New Family of Copper (II) / Pentadentate SNNNS Schiff's Bases Complexes Hadeel Sadeq Suboh
2016 Synthesis and Biological Activity of New Heterocyclic Schiff Bases Ala'a Abed Al-Raheem Janem
2016 Synthesis of 1-(Pyrrol-2-yl) imine modified silica as a new sorbent for the removal of hexavalent chromium from water Ghadeer “Mohammed Moen” Nemer Hanbali
2016 Synthesis, Characterization, and CT-DNA Interactions of Novel Complexes of ( Copper(II)\ Tetradentate SNNS Schiff Bases) Ibtihal Nedal Odeh
2015 Analysis of Leachate Production and other Organic Outcomes in Pickling Cucumbers in Plastic Bottles. Amira Nathmi ZainEdden
2015 Complexes Design, Spectral, Structural and Biological Activities of Novel dicationic [Copper(II)1,10-phenanthrolineN-tridentate] 2bromide Muheeb Rafi Mohammad Fuqha
2015 Cur Cumin Based Herero Cycles With Possible Dual Action Antibacterial Activity Shayma’a Abdel-QaderTaleeb
2015 Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Olive Industry Solid Waste Into Glucose, The Precursor Of Bioethanol Israa Jamal Mohammad Dagher
2015 Kinetic Determination of Bromate in Bread Shatha Mohammed Salah AbuHasan
2015 Metals Content, Occurance and Distribution in Soil of Al-Qilt Catchment. Hanan Abdalrheem Mohammad Harb
2015 Optimization and Scale up of Cellulose Extraction Process From Olive Industry Solid Waste Shatha Faiez Reda Thiab
2015 Photocatalytic Degradation of 2-Chlorophenol in Water with Direct Solar Light using Pristine and Kaolinite Supported ZnO Tamara Basem Qasem Zorba
2015 Preparation of aromatic esters of 2-phenoxyethanol and exploring some of their biological activities Nadine Mohammed Kamel Qalalweh
2015 Purification of Agricultural Soil from Organic Contaminants by Solar-Driven Photo-degradation with ZnO Nanoparticles: Laboratory and Pilot-Plant Scale Study Razan Ahmad Ali Khraim
2015 Removal of Methylene Blue from Industrial Wastewater in Palestine Using Polysiloxane Surface Modified with Bipyrazolic Tripodal Receptor Jamal Omar Mohamad Amarah
2015 Synthesis and Biological Activities of Distamicin A Analogues Somoud Mohammed Ahmed Yasin
2015 Synthesis, Characterization, Antibacterial Activities of Novel Polydentate Schiff’s Bases and Their Transition Metal Complexes Yasmeen Azam Aldomere
2014 Biodegradable Poly (dl-lactide-co-glycolide) Microcapsules as a Drug Delivery System Younis Abed Younis Abu Ain
2014 CdSe Thin Film Photoelectrochemical Electrodes:Combined Electrochemical and Chemical Bath Depositions Nour Nayef Abdul-Rahman