Science - Chemistry

Year Title Authors
2012 ZnO nano-particle catalysts in contaminant degradation processes with solar light Naked and supported systems Hussam Ahmad Abdullah Amer
2011 CdS Thin Film Photo-Electrochemical Electrodes: Combined Electrochemical and Chemical Bath Depositions Sahar Mustafa Asad Khudruj
2011 Natural Dye- Sensitized TiO2 as Photocatalyst for Degradation of Widespread Medicinal Substances Shadeah Ahmed Hussni Hijjawi
2011 New Routes for Synthesis of Environmentally Friendly Super Absorbent Polymer Feras Jabeer Adu Jabeer
2011 Sensitization Of Semiconducting Nano Powder Catalysts In Photodegradation Of Medical Drugs And Microorganisms In Water Fedaa Talal Saleh
2011 Studies Toward Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Substances from Medicinal Plants Derar Issa Smadi
2011 Supported Catalysts in Olefin Oxidation and Hydrosilylation Reactions Waseem Mansur
2011 The Kinetic Study of Glyphosate Leachate in Palestinian Soil at Different Concentrations Manar Ahmad Attaallah
2010 Adsorption of some Fluoroquinolones on Selected Adsorbents Areej 'Muhammad Ghazi' Abed Ar-Rahman Hattab
2010 CdS Thin Film Photoelectrochemical Electrods: Combined Electrochemical & Chemical Bath Depositions Sahar Mostafa Ass'ad Khadraj
2010 Fate of Oxytetracycline and Doxycycline in Soil and Underground Water Lama Smeeh Mohammad Awartani
2010 Impacts of Biodegradable Organics on Soils and Ground Water in West Bank Mohammed Salim Ahmed Ali
2010 Synthesis of Swellable Functionalized Polymer Microspheres and Study of their Selective Optical Sensing Properties Hanin Rafiq Khalid Qasim
2010 Water Disinfection by Photo-degradation of Microorganisms using Natural Dye-Sensitized ZnO Catalyst Sondos Othman Ateek
2009 Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Endosulfan Pesticide in Three Soils in Palestine Karbola' Mohammed Aref Jaradat
2009 Curcumin Based Diazoles and Oxazoles with Potential Antibacterial Activities Nuha Abdel-Rahman Mehdawi
2009 Kinetics Of Groundwater Nitrate (NO3 -1) In Soil Leachate In Tulkarem City Using Soil Columns Osama Zaki Mohammed Naser
2009 Methods of Extracting Cellulosic Material from Olive Pulp Yusra Foad Abedel Hafith Salameh
2009 Nitrate and Nitrite Ions Removal from Aqueous Solution by Activated Carbon Prepared from Olive Stones Heba Nassar
2009 Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Contaminants in the Presence of Graphite-Supported and Unsupported ZnO Modified with CdS Particles Ghazi Yousif Mustafa Al-Nour
2009 Production of Bio-Ethanol from Olive Pulp Amal Omar Husni Shalabi
2009 Recyclable Pd (II) Catalysis on Polymer and Natural Products Supports Hisham Awad Abed Shehadeh
2009 Sensitization of Semiconducting Nano Powder Catalysts in Photodegradation of Medical Drugs and Microoraganisms in Water Feda' Saleh
2009 Sorption Characteristics of Nonionic Surfactant Triton X-100 in Soil Contaminated with Diesel Mahmoud Ali Mohammed Al Haitali
2009 ZnO Thin Films as Catalysts in Contaminant Degradation Husam Ahmad Abdallah Amer