Engineering - Transportation Engineering

Year Title Authors
2016 Transportation Mode Choice Model for Palestinian Universities Students: A Case Study on An-Najah New Campus Dina Marwan Nazmi Abdulhaq
2016 Trip Generation Models for Selected Land Uses in the West Bank Ahmad Mohammad Mahmoud Mustafa
2015 Establishing Parking Generation Rates for Selected Land Uses in the West Bank Jamil M. J. Hamadneh
2015 Public Transport Accessibility and Service Gap–Nablus City Khalil Jaber Ahmad Qaisi
2014 Developing Trip Generation Models Utilizing Linear Regression Analysis : Jericho City as a Case Study: Alaa Mohammad Yousef Dodeen
2014 Modeling Relationship between Geometric Design Consistency and Road Safety for Two-Lane Rural Highways in the West Bank Mohammed Ghassan Dwikat
2014 Reality of Road Safety Conditions at Critical Locations in Nablus City with a Road Mapfor Future Interventions Hozaifa Hasan Saad Khader
2013 Enhancing the Implementatin of the Physical Manual in the Palestinian Territories Utilizing GIS: The Case of Urban Transportation Sector) Ashraf Ayed Afeef Zeben
2011 Effect of Selected Geometrical Aspects of Roads on Human Body Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Zedan
2008 Application of Superpave System for Binder Selection Based on Local Conditions Ala'a Shafiq Lutfi Abdullah
2008 Impact of the Current Transportation System on Poverty in the West Bank (Case Study: Nablus) Nizar Shehadeh Othman Atawi
2007 Modeling Pedestrian Behavior on Pedestrian Crosswalks Zahir Wasfi Tawfiq Abu Sa'a
2007 Utilization of Olive Husk as a Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Portland cement Concrete Mixes for Non-Structural Uses Iyad Jameel Ahmad Bani Odi
2007 Utilization of Waste Tires in the Production of Non-Structural Portland Cement Concrete Saleem Mohammed Saleem Shtayeh
2006 Analysis and Short-Term Future Vision for the Transportation Plan in Jenin City Ahmad Hasan Mohamad AL-Mosleh
2006 Compliance of Access Management Techniques on Urban Arterials in Nablus City Yazan Farid Abdulhadi Issa
2006 The Impact of Ministry of Transport Policies on Public Transportation in Palestine Amjad Zohdi Fathi Issa
2005 GIS as a Tool for Route Location and Highway Alignment Emad Basheer Salameh Dawwas
2004 Developing a Roughness Criterion as a Basisfor Performance Measurement of Palestinian Roadway Network Ma’amoun Awni Mahmoud Al-Ghalieh
2002 Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling for Thin Layer of High Performance Portland Cement Concrete Pavements : Analysis and Design Fawzy Ahmad Mahmood Awaise
2001 Aspects of A Traffic Safety Program in Palestinian Cities Hussein Nor El-Deen Abu Zant
2001 Assessment of Intercity Public Transportation Demand and Elasticity in The West Bank Abdel Majid Mohammed Hamuda Sadeq
2001 Developing A Pavement Performance Function for Palestinian Roadway Network : Case Study : Nablus Province Lana Khaleel Naseh Shahein
2000 Analysis of Major Benefits and Costs for Pedestrian-Overpass Case Study : Nablus City Banan "Mohamed Rima'a" Saleem Jadallah
2000 Developing A Safety Management Tool Using A Geographic information System (GIS) Fawz Khader Mouhammed Kobari