Developing a Roughness Criterion as a Basisfor Performance Measurement of Palestinian Roadway Network

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Osama Abaza
Dr. Sameer Abu-Eisheh
Dr. Khaled Al-Sahili
Dr. Sami Hijjawi
Dr. Osama Abaza
Ma’amoun Awni Mahmoud Al-Ghalieh
Well known fact states that a good roadway network has strong and positive relationship with the national economy. Therefore, research is applied in most countries and academic institutions to find a suitable approach to evaluate pavements so as to develop a pavement management system “PMS”. The pavement evaluation should be measured objectively and not subjectively. The main objective of this thesis is to develop a machine utilizing roughness criteria as a basis for PMS program. The proposed machine will have the capability of reading the road coordinates. A mathematical model was developed to measure those parameters that form the basis for the software developed for processing the input data. The serviceability can be determined by the use of the static profile. The new machine determines the road level every 0.64m, and with using rating systems such as the International Roughness Index “IRI”, the decision can be made to find out the maintenance strategy needed. Based on the results obtained in this thesis, the mathematical model developed in association with the machine designed for implementing this model reflects the true coordination of pavement structure from the point of view of performance and road profile.
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